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Rainbow Six Siege Credits (R6) News & Guides

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Grim Sky: Which Rainbow Six Siege Operators Are Best?

   Strategy Games   Rainbow Six Siege Guides   Defender   Attacker   Six Majors   2018-08-24 08:45:47
Rainbow Six Siege currently offers forty operators representing fourteen Counter-Terrorist Units from across the world. Which attackers and defenders should you buy first, and which are the best? The next Rainbow Six Siege season promises to be a great one. Rainbow Six Siege continues to expand, and it will soon do so once more with Operation Grim Sky. We have also played with both of the new operators in the reworked Hereford so we can give you the rundown of their gadgets, weapons, and how best to use each one. To prepare you for the new meta, we’ve prepared this guide to Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Grim Sky.
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is soon on track to receive its next major expansion, with the release of Operation Grim Sky. Following June's Operation Para Bellum, the third season of the year brings two more Operators, an all-new map rework, and various welcome changes. Rainbow Six Siege Grim Sky will also launch with a batch of quality of life improvements, a map buff to Consulate and an Elite skin for Frost.
Ubisoft skimmed through these during the Grim Sky reveal panel at the Six Major Paris, so here are all the other Grim Sky changes in case you missed them. The game features the three main pillars - teamwork, tactics, and tension. Each map features multiple locations for both the Attackers and Defenders to choose from, greatly increasing the importance in conducting surveillance. Each map is designed to be close-quartered oriented, and have an emphasis on verticality and destruction.


New Operators: Blowtorches, shields, and more
Like previous Rainbow Six Siege expansions, Operation Grim Sky is on track to deliver two new playable Operators. The expansion is set to implement Operators from separate counter terrorism units simultaneously, in a similar way to Operation Chimera.
Ubisoft is revealing the gameplay for its new operators for Rainbow Six Siege today at the Six Major esports event in Paris today. The operators are part of the new release, Operation Grim Sky, for the three-year-old Rainbow Six Siege, which has more than 30 million players.
After the two most recent operations offering up two operators on the same side, we are back to having one of each, with Operation Grim Sky bringing one new attacking operator from the US and one new defensive operator from the UK. During a Reddit AMA discussing operator balance and today’s big 2.2 patch announcement for Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft devs from the balancing team shared some aspirations and hinted at a few plans for operators that are in the works. So offers Cheap Rainbow Six Siege Credits for all gamers. You can buy Cheap Rainbow Six Siege Credits with cheapest price. Most notably, Ubi is not happy with one of the most popular operators in the game: Thatcher.
With the Rainbow Six Siege free expansion just around the corner, screens of the two new operators have surfaced online. The two new characters will be included in the upcoming Operation Black Ice free DLC. As previously stated, the operators will be available to all, and can be earned with in-game currency. Operation Black Ice will be released on February 2 and will include two operators, one new map and a handful of weapons and skins.

Rainbow Six Siege Grim Sky


Rainbow Six Siege Operator guide
For those that are jumping back into Rainbow Six Siege, all the changes can make it somewhat intimidating. To that end, hit our general Rainbow Six Siege guide, which has been lovingly prepared with a bunch of general tips of how to get back into the swing of things.
Attacker Operators
Learning which operator is right for you is only really a small chunk of what Rainbow Six Siege is all about. Having an idea of some of the more recent maps on rotation can also give you the advantage. For new players who are uncertain of how much time they will spend playing the game then the Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition is a good fit.
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