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World of Warships Doubloons News & Guides

Pro Tips On Using Torpedoes in World of Warships

Are you been having a lot of trouble with your torpedoes and can't seem to score hits with any consistency? To help you out, makes up this World of Warships Torpedoes guide, in which it contains advanced tips from master players. So, if you need, keep on reading. Also, if you are in demand of Cheap World of Warships Doubloons, you can also visit our website.

Torpedoes Guide

Select your torpedoes with the 3 key factors: Repeated presses of 3 will change the width of the spread. Use narrow spreads for distant targets and wide spreads for close or multiple targets, and note the mini-map if your intended target is even within or near the edge of entering the range of your torpedoes. If so, you can begin the process of prosecuting your target with a torpedo salvo.


Choose narrow or wide torpedo spread. Wide spreads have little use, aside from making your target which single torpedo it will allow to hit them if they can't maneuver fast enough to avoid the hit. Narrow spreads are more deadly. Overlapping wide spreads appear like stacked narrow spreads. Sometimes I use a wide spread before one or two narrow spreads.
Watch the torpedo aim indicator when you have your intended target "acquired". Note if it is steady on one bearing or if it is moving left or right. You can make an assumption the target is moving at Full speed (left or right) when the aim indicator is steady. Launch one salvo down the aim indicator. Launch the next salvos slightly behind the indicator. The first torpedoes force the target to maneuver, likely slowing down into the path of the 2nd and 3rd salvo. My behind or lag shots are half off the aim indicator width so they are likely still accurate for the original speed and heading. It's better if they detect the torpedoes before they see you, having less time to react to save themselves. Experienced players begin wildly maneuvering upon the detection of any enemy DD in their proximity. Few will panic and run. The rest is DD strategy.
Depending on the range and the time it will take the torpedoes to transit the distance to the target, you can choose to aim ahead or behind the aim indicator to anticipate your targets next action.
The best scenario to launch a torpedo is when your target is moving towards your position, not moving away. DD's are only faster when they use their speed boost. Pursuing a target moving away from you becomes much more difficult as the torpedoes will likely run out long before they reach their target.
When firing at longer ranges, utilize the wide spread instead of the narrow one. Better to land just one torpedo hit rather than miss with the entire spread. Unless you know a BB isn't going to change it's course, stay away from using the narrow spread at anything more than 3-4km away.
Don't follow the lead indicator like gospel. When torpedoes come, the enemy will dodge or slow down to either avoid all the torpedoes or reduce the amount that hit, if you have three torpedoe sets it can be benificial to fire some before and behind in case he turns. Also, American torpedoes suck ass, where as the the speed and range of Japanese ones make it pretty easy. During a match, spam torpedoes at choke points, you might get a lucky hit and even if you don't you're blocking the area off for any large slow ships.
As for avoiding torpedoes, map awareness is key. You'll generally want to be already dodging torpedoes the moment they leave their tubes. Make sure you keep track of where enemy destroyers/IJN cruisers are. If you see smoke, expect torpedoes. If you see IJN cruisers turning away, expect torpedoes. If you see a destroyer within 5-10km of you, expect torpedoes. Vary your speed to mess up with the predictive targeting: often you can cause torpedoes to pass harmlessly ahead of you or behind you by just accelerating or decelerating.
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