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NBA Live Mobile News & Guides

NBA Live Mobile Tips for Beginners

2017-04-21 17:45:56
In order to teach beginners play the game without detouring, we not only provide cheap in-game currency but also update all kinds of game guides and news.
NBA Live Mobile is a Basketball simulation mobile game developed by EA Sports and published on September 2016. The game based on real life NBA database and features instant updating.
First steps into this game, players need to complete the tutorial game and get familiar with the operations. Beginners first choose one of the well-known NBA teams such as Miami Heat, New York Knocks etc. Once you choose your team, the game starts officially.
Whether for rookies or veterans, play the season is the best & quickest way to get your team upgraded as well as to earn in-game currency. You will get coins boost for each win in Seasons. Complete multiple seasons for super rare rewards. If you are tired for the infinite repetitive games, you can use Auto-play function on the upper left of the game screen, but noticed that do now fold the game screen.
The basics of gameplay are not too difficult, but building the best team can be a little intricate. NBA LIVE Mobile uses the time-honored tradition of precious metals to give you a quick glance at how good a player is. In general, gold players are better than silver, which are better than bronze.
Lineups Classification
● Two-Way: Passing and Defense
● Small Ball: Speed and Dribbling
● Defensive: Speed and Defense
● Big Man: Defense and Shooting
● Shooting: Shooting and 3 Pointer
Each player can only be used in a particular lineup, as indicated by the colored on its card. Yes, this means once you get Russell Westbrook, you can only use him in certain events. That's just the way it goes.

The Auction House is the best place to make profits if you obey the following rules. Focus one the cards that you can afford, keep an eye of it, once you find one of them lower than the average price of the market, but it immediately. You can sell it immediately again with an average price or even sorta higher than average. For each deal you may not get too much, may be 300coins, but the profits will boost into huge amount if you stock dozens of it.

Take the Achievements seriously, it might sound a bit silly for many players but completing achievements will be helpful for you building up your team. When you complete definite amount of achievements you may already earn enough coins which you will need to purchase popular and legend players. There are tons of achievements to complete which will assist in winning the card pack. The Achievement-reward coins could be used in the transfer market which will further assist in making decent profits.
Last but not the least, we will share you some general tips, which may not be effective in the short-term but it will point you the right orientation of game process. Save NBA Live Mobile coins for pro packs or priority auction trades. Play the Auction House (AH). Turn silver into trophies. Auto play has a high win rate!
We also provide the in-game currency for cash. Now cheap and safe NBA Live Mobile Coins 1000K in AH1 for $3.78, both for iOS/Android. The starting price must be a special value and easy to find players card. If you have troubles during the trading process, please contact with our customer service. Have a nice game!
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