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WOW Classic SOD Gold News & Guides

WoW SoD Guide: Everything You Need To Know About All Sunken Temple Quests

The first stage of WoW Season of Discovery, Blackfathom Deeps, maxes out at level 25, and the second stage requires players to travel to Gnomeregan to experience a level 40 raid. In the third stage, the Sunken Temple is remodeled and adjusted to level 50. In the WoW Season of Discovery, players will find that many of the Sunken Temples remain in the game. 
Of course in WoW Season of Discovery, WoW SoD Gold is crucial for players to achieve unparalleled success in the game. To get a lot of gold in WoW SoD, players need to complete quests, and today this guide is about All Sunken Temple Quests.
All Alliance Sunken Temple SoD Quests

The Temple of Atal'Hakkar: The quest starts in Stormwind (Brohann Caskbelly) and players need to reach level 50 and complete all subsequent quests in "In Search Of The Temple" in Stormwind. After completing the quest you will receive gold and the Guardian Talisman.

The Temple of Atal'Hakkar: The quest starts at Swamp of Sorrows - Fel'zerul. The prerequisite for the quest is reaching level 50, and the player must have completed the previous steps in the quest "Pool of Tears" in the Swamp of Sorrows. The reward for the mission is Gold and Guardian Talisman.

Haze of Evil: The quest starts in Feralas (Gregan Brewspewer) and also requires level 50 to complete and the first few steps in the chain start with "Muigin and Larion" in Un'Goro Crater. You can earn gold and XP for completing this quest.
Zapper Fuel: The quest starts at Ratchet, The Barrens - Liv Rizzlefix at the same level as previously achieved and the player must complete previous quest steps in the chain that begins with "Larion and Muigin " in Un'Goro Crater to receive gold and XP.
Neutral Sunken Temple Quests in SoD
These quests will be more but get more quest rewards compared to the previous ones.
P3 Max Level Class Quests: Quests start in different locations, most of them can be done by any Class trainer in any main city after reaching level 50, and upon completion of the quests you can earn Gold, and three SoD-scaled pieces of gear relevant to your Class.
P3 Epic Crafting Quest Chain: Level 50 is required and the quest starts at Ashenvale Nightmare Incursion (Field Captain Hannalah). The entire quest takes you through Azeroth and into Sunken Temple and requires ST materials to craft P3 items. It is worth noting that players must enter the Dream Portal and travel south of the Warsong Lumber Camp until the Aura Of Paralyzing Dread debuff appears before the quest begins.
A Broken Ritual: In addition to reaching level 50, you must defeat the Avatar of Hakkar inside Sunken Temple to get the Scapula of the Fallen Avatar before starting the quest, and after completing this quest you can earn: Gold, a Choice between Drakeclaw Bands of the Harbinger, of the Blood Prophet, of the Berserker, of the Juggernaut, and of the Stalker. The best part about completing this quest is that it gives everyone in Booty Bay access to the ST World! The best thing about completing this quest is that it gives everyone in Booty Bay the ST World Buff.
Jammal'an The Prophet: The mission starts at The Altar of Zul, The Hinterlands (Atal'ai Exile). The prerequisite is level 50, and the quest rewards the player with a choice between Rainstrider Leggings and Helm of Exile, in addition to gold.
Essence of Eranikus: Defeat the Shade of Eranikus in Sunken Temple to get the Essence of Eranikus to start the quest, you need to be level 50 to complete or you can get Gold and Chained Essence of Eranikus Trinket.
Secret of the Circle: You need to be level 50 and have completed the previous two steps in the "The Sunken Temple" quest chain, which starts in Feralas and can be completed by both Horde and Alliance players. The quest rewards are Gold, a Hakkari Breastplate, a Hakkari Shroud, and a Mark of Hakkar.
Into The Depths: The mission starts in Tanaris - Marvon Rivetseeker and has the same prerequisites as "Secret of the Circle". You can get gold when the quest is completed.
The God Hakkar: The quest starts at Steemwheedle Port, Tanaris - Yeh'kinya and players need to be level 50 and, must have completed previous quest steps in the "Screecher Spirits" quest chain. Upon completion of the quest, you will receive Gold, one of the Avenguard Helm, Gemburst Circlet, and Lifeforce Dirk.
To summarize, it takes you a lot of time to complete the first task, you can choose Buy WOW Classic SOD Gold if you want to get gold quickly, which can save you a lot of time to upgrade your equipment to enhance the gaming experience!
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