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WOW Classic SOD Gold News & Guides

WoW Classic SOD Guide: How to Equip Rune Engravings in Season of Discovery

In WoW Classic Season of Discovery, it brings Runes and Discoveries in the game. Players can try to farm more Runes and improve characters’ abilities in the process of exploration. Do you know how to equip Rune Engravings in WoW Classic Season of Discovery? Players can use Cheap WoW Classic SOD Gold to level up characters quickly in the dungeons exploration.
Where Is The SoD Runes Menu?
Though Runes take up an inventory space once located, after being consumed, they seem to just disappear. Runes don't automatically equip to the correct armor slot once unlocked, instead, players must find the Rune Engraving menu and equip Runes from there. It isn't immediately obvious where this menu can be found, as the game doesn't explain much, but it's actually relatively simple.
After right-clicking on a Rune in the inventory to learn it, open up your Character/Equipment screen with the C key. Here, a new menu can be found on the right-hand side containing every Class Rune that can be equipped. Once a Rune has been slotted into a piece of gear, the associated abilities will appear in the spellbook (and automatically fill the first empty hotbar slot).
How to Discover and Gather New Runes
Runes are discovered in a wide variety of ways. While rune discovery locations and methods are listed on our separate Class Rune guides by faction, in most cases, anyone of any faction can do the steps outside their normal territory -- and in most cases, even use the "opposite faction" steps to complete them. They've just been organized by faction so you can fin the most convenient method for you. But kudos to the daring who want to try it the hard way!
Just realize that you can only complete one of the methods for any given rune. For example, the Rogue rune for  Saber Slash can be done one of five known ways, but once you've completed one method and received your Rune, you will not be able to find it again another way.
How to Equip Season of Discovery Runes
Runes are not automatically added to your character’s repertoire. Instead, you need to actively seek them out and learn them. Once you’ve obtained a Rune, right-click on it in your inventory to learn it. This will add the Rune to your list of known Runes.
After learning a Rune, you can engraver it to a compatible piece of gear. To do this, follow these steps:
Open your Character/Equipment screen by pressing the ‘C’ key.
Locate the slot for the Rune you want to equip. For example, if you want to equip a Rune for your chest piece, click on the ‘Chest’ slot.
All equipment slots except the one that the Rune can be engraved on will grey out. Select the piece of gear to be engraved, then wait a few seconds for the process to finish.
Once the Rune has been equipped, it will take effect immediately. You can check the effects of your Runes in the ‘Runes’ tab of your Character/Equipment screen.
You can swap these runes at any time outside of combat, allowing for dual-spec functionality in certain situations. Such as a Mage being able to switch between Arcane Healer to use the might of healing spells, and Arcane DPS for additional damage, or a Druid switching between Feral Tank and Feral DPS.
Players can learn from the guidance and know how to equip Runes with your characters in Season of Discovery. And you can also Buy WoW Classic SOD Gold to unlock good items or gear for characters in the game.
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