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Destiny 2 News & Guides

Destiny 2 Guide: Everything You Know To Reach 1810 Power Level Quickly

The main task in Destiny 2 is to upgrade your gear and increase your power registration. This process can be very challenging as well, especially the higher your level is the harder it is to upgrade. Each new season of Destiny 2 raises the power level by a certain amount and must raise the power cap by 10, except seasons tied to expansions raise this cap by much more. 
If you want to power up your gear and make your character unstoppable, learn about Destiny 2 Silver, which is the game's universal currency that can be used for gear upgrades. Today we're going to talk about how to get to the 1810 Power Level.
What is Power Level?
In Destiny 2, the power level is a numerical value that depends largely on how much damage you deal with and how much damage you can take.  In short, it means that the higher your level, the more damage you deal and the less damage you take. One more thing, the activities in the game will also set a power level, and as you get closer to it or exceed it, you will achieve better results.

Destiny 2 divides you into different level cap the soft cap(1750), the Powerful cap(1800), and the pinnacle cap(1810).
How To Reach The Soft Cap?

The best way to reach the soft cap is to play games and do quests. The level of power for the soft cap is 1750, and everyone in the game has an initial base level of 1600, to reach the soft cap requires the player to collect upgrades gained from every weapon and armor, regardless of it's rarity, which will bring upgrades. In short, the most efficient way to reach the soft cap in the game is to complete the Lightfall campaign on Legendary difficulty.
Players completing these legendary quests will not only receive double the rewards but will also be able to drop a full set of weapons and armor that gain 1770 power. This greatly increases the speed at which players can reach the soft cap, and it will even put players 20 points above the soft cap.
How To Reach Powerful Cap?
Once a player reaches the soft top line, they need to focus on pursuing powerful or peak drop rewards.
1. Complete three races in Gambit and Crucible.
2. Execution of eight bounty missions.
3. Earn a Nimbus reputation on Neomuna.
4. Complete the weekly Lightfall campaign missions and earn 100,000 points.
5. Complete The Root of Nightmares Raid
6. Weekly rotation of dungeons or raids.
7. Spire of the Watcher dungeon
Both the Power Reward and the Pinnacle Reward will increase the player's Rank Points, but the Pinnacle Reward will usually have higher Rank Points. It is worth noting that where a player's Power Reward or Peak Reward drops depends on the RNG. so reaching the Power Cap will require the player to spend a certain amount of time completing these tasks. Players can also randomly earn Prime Engrams, which can boost you by 3 points, and it takes 50 points to reach the Power Cap, except for the 30 points you need to complete the Legendary Campaign alone.
How to Reach Pinnacle Cap?
Pinnacle Cap is 1810 Power Level. Once the player reaches the Pinnacle Cap, they will need to complete the activities regarding the Pinnacle drop. An important thing to note is that not all Pinnacles will reward the same level of power-ups. For example, Pinnacles dropped by Gambit, Crucible, and Vanguard Ops can only be upgraded by one point. Pinnacles dropped by Dungeons and Raids award two points.
Once a player reaches a strength cap of 1810, they need to focus on completing activities such as dungeons, raids, and Nightfalls, which improves their score by two points.
Based on the above description, we understand that trying to reach Pinnacle Cap is a tough task and it takes a lot of your time and effort, so if you want powerful weapons and rare equipment to support and protect your character, you can Buy Destiny 2 Silver.
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