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Genshin Impact Accounts News & Guides

Genshin Impact Team Guide: How to Choose the Best Polearm Class Characters

In order to complete different kinds of quests in Genshin Impact, player have to build various specific team consists of different characters in the game. While, some players are looking for characters who an play the polearm or spear well in the team. We are going to introduce several best polearm class characters in this article. Players can use Cheap Genshin Impact Accounts to build the best team in the world of Genshin Impact.
Best Polearm Class Characters in Genshin Impact
Raiden Shogun
Raiden Shogun is a tough character to beat, as her best character builds lets her fulfill all three team positions. She acts as a support character by boosting the Elemental Burst DMG of other characters. Her Elemental Skill allows her to be a sub-DPS similarly to Xiangling, in that her Eye of Stormy Judgement deals Electro DMG without Raiden Shogun attacking.
She shines best, however, as a main DPS, slicing into the enemy line with her superpowered Elemental Burst. Raiden Shogun has everyone beat when it comes to polearm characters in Genshin Impact.
The top spot for Polearm users is easily dominated by Zhongli. The Geo Archon is the best shielder because of his Elemental Skill. The Archon's Skill creates a Jade Shield that possesses 100% uptime, trivializing most content in the game. With Zhongli on the team, players no longer have to bother dodging incoming attacks. Not only that, but the shield also lowers the enemy's resistance to all kinds of damage.
Moreover, Zhongli's Burst deals massive AOE Geo damage with four seconds of Crowd Control. This skill has a low energy cost, allowing him to spam it. The combo of Zhongli's shield and Crowd Control practically grants the team major protection. This is why the Geo Archon is arguably the best support in Genshin Impact, earning him first place on the list.
Shenhe immediately launches to some tough competition in the form of Raiden Shogun and Rosaria for Polearm supports. Luckily, she fits a niche that was before unfulfilled within Genshin Impact and her beautiful design combined with her alluring, almost unhuman presence due to being raised by adepti makes her highly compelling.
Shenhe is the best buffer in Genshin Impact when it comes to multiple Cryo-unit compositions. One of her best teams is actually paired with both Ganyu and Ayaka, paired with a support like Bennett for reactions and buffs.
Xiangling is one of the few free-to-play characters in the game. She is the only current Liyue free-to-play character and can be unlocked by reaching level 3-3 of the Spiral Abyss. Xiangling is a pyro four-star character who is praised for being able to provide support with both her elemental skill and burst.
Her elemental skill sends out a small creature named Guoba who will continually shoot fire at nearby opponents. Her elemental burst summons pyro spears that will rotate around the on-field character to deal damage, which is perfect for easily triggering reactions.
Hu Tao
While Hu Tao's kit seems counterintuitive at first glance, she is considered one of the best DPS units in all of Genshin Impact. Hu Tao requires a lot of devotion to her HP levels, as her Elemental Skill consumes some HP to give her an ATK bonus. She does restore HP upon using her powerful Burst, however. With her signature weapon by her side, she's hard to beat on the battlefield.
If you are looking for good polearm class characters in Genshin Impact, you can read this article and select the right one for your team. And you can also Buy Genshin Impact Accounts to experience the powerful team in the latest version.
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