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Genshin Impact Accounts News & Guides

Genshin Impact Best Healer Tier List: Top Healers in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Best Healer Tier List

Who is the strongest healer in Genshin Impact? Who is a good healer in Genshin? Is Qiqi a better healer than Barbara? Is Barbara the best healer in Genshin Impact? Here are four major questions players want to find answer about the top healers of Genshin Impact. Here are the best healer tier list for you:
S Tier
Rating: 4-star claymore-user
Element: Geo
Healing Scaled To: Defense
Healing Source: Skill
Noelle may be the best healer in Genshin Impact. Yes, it may indeed seem strange for a 4-star to place higher on the list than 5-star healers, but there is more than enough reason for Noelle's placement. For starters, this was a very close call; both Qiqi and Jean rank very close to Noelle in overall usefulness. However, Noelle reigns supreme in efficiency: her constellations are more easily accessible, her versatility is very high for a healer, and her healing itself is very comparable to the 5-star characters.
Like Diona, Bennett is not necessarily the topmost healer around. However, the character does bring about more support potential than Diona. Bennett’s Elemental Burst, Fantastic Voyage, can increase the player’s attack in a certain range. Also, he can do the healing while simultaneously offering strong support. Learn about Bennett best build to make the most of his powers.
Healing source: Skill/Burst (Rain blades)
Healing scaled to: Max HP
Element: Hydro
Rating: 4-star sword-user
Tier: C.
Xingqiu is not even considered a healer by many of the players in the community because of certain limitations he has. His healing capabilities are tied to Rain Blades, which is not a good sign from the get-go, as the Rain blades aren’t unlocked until the first ascension. His healing is not even high stat-wise to compensate for the effort we put in; he’s easily outperformed by a free healer, Barbara. Though if you want to use him, he’s suited chiefly for single-player mode. Still, it will be a challenging task to master his capabilities, and you can quickly get a better healer.
Weapon: Sword
Element: Cryo
Other roles: Main DPS
Playing a somewhat quieter role than Jean, Qiqi is like a time bomb waiting to explode. She can heal - but only with large bursts of attack, ones that have a long cooldown effect and will leave the character in a vulnerable position.
Qiqi has to be geared up in purely offensive gear to be the most effective, even having a revive at the height of her abilities. She's a more extreme choice that can come in highly effective if timed right, putting more pressure on the player than the character.
Qiqi's lean towards Cryo damage can also create a slow chipping effect for the other side, clinging to a character will both passively heal in intervals and give off damage to enemies. Qiqi can be extremely effective, only needing a little more planning when compared to other characters.
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