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FIFA 19 Coins News & Guides

FIFA 19: Defensive Tutorial Experience

   FIFA 19 Guides   FIFA 19 Tips   2019-03-29 08:51:25
In "FIFA 19", both old and new players are incomparably needed to strengthen their defensive ability, because the defense of this game is very different from the previous ones. The following will bring FIFA 19 defensive tutorial experience.
1. When the middle and front field are close to each other, you can click the steal button to resist the opponent's break. Especially when the opponent is yelling, the best effect is when the ball is farthest from the opponent's body.

FIFA 19 Defensive Tutorial Experience

2. When the opponent attacks, the defending team stands obliquely (diagonal, defending the inside), and the distance is closer. It is too far away for the other party to shoot long distance.
3. You must go back to the players, followed by the players inserted in front of the other back. The right joystick quickly changes. Note that you must switch to the defender before the opponent passes the ball, switch in advance! Wait until the other party passes the ball and switch again!
4. Defensive to the opponent's most likely pass route, pay attention not to run to the player, but slightly biased to the position he is about to pass. For example, he might pass the ball to the top of the screen, and then you should go to the top of his head and run a little, instead of running straight to him. The specific operation of the left stick is to push up, not directly.
5. When the player you manually control faces the opponent face to face, if the opponent's player has your AI back to the side, then immediately switch to the side AI, it is easier to break the ball.


6. How to predict the passing route of the opponent? Observe the opponent's player, in which direction, in which direction the ball will generally pass can be prejudged, based on this.
7, Defense, in fact, you are not defending the player, not the ball, but the position! So you have to run, not the player, not the ball, but to the corresponding defensive position.
8. If the defense AI is in place, you can manually control the player, stand in the middle of the opponent's several offensive players, find the right position, and wherever you need defense, go ahead. At this time, don't keep crabs, you have to start quickly.
9. Protect the middle road. When the opponent is attacking with the ball, you have to push the opponent's team to the side. Just need to seal the ball on the side of his midfield, he is likely to go to the side. The sidewalks are often less threatening.
10. When the opponent has fewer offensive players and the defender is in place, he can control the full-back to push forward and put pressure on the opponent.
That is all the defensive tutorial experience of FIFA 19. And if want to buy cheap FIFA 19 coins to upgrade your player or unlock new players to establish your fantasy squad, you can go to for help.
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