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Dungeon Fighter Online Gold News & Guides

Dungeon Fighter Online Hell Mode Dungeons Guide

   Dungeon Fighter Guides   PC Games   ARPG   2018-06-23 08:46:18
The Dungeon Fighter Online Golden Confidential Event starts on Jun 19 and expires on Jul 17 in 2018. The final reward of this event is an epic sub-equipment for all classes. Just login the game, and there will be a screen to inform you this event. If you haven’t login the game for a long time, do not miss this event, it can bring you back to the first tier fighter again. The Golden Capsule gives massive experience for you so you can level up to 80 from 1 immediately. For all tasks done, you can get total 2 epic sub equipment as reward. If you are lvl 88 player, your level can be raised to 90.


Weapon decides damage, more important than skills. This BM was in the 50’s at the time, so I just took the closest one I had on me. Buy Cheap Dungeon Fighter Online Gold from us Enjoy the best service and fastest delivery. I’m actually enjoying the current set of events. Proud of Neople to be able to create an event completely on their own. New event dungeon plays like an escort mission. It’s honestly not hard as long as you have AoE. I actually nearly lost two stars, dozens of loots you can get from this project if try hard, so it’s fairly generous and I highly recommend it if the first dungeon is still too difficult.  
Recall the same event last year, I used to be really active in the community and I used to make DFO videos and stuff they weren’t that good but I’m streaming DFO, trying to get back into it and I’d love it if I could reconnect with you guys on here, and on my stream. so if you’d like to come support me or just would like someone to chat with please visit me here at. You will see that Crusader mains usually have multiple Male Crusaders on their account, every class in DFO can be awesome in PvP in DFO.
Female Crusader setup is simple as hell compared to Male Crusader. Little to no inventory management is needed for a very high baseline of support, when compared with the another. This leads to a lot less times where you’re tired at your sell and start casting buffs in the wrong sets. I’m not sure exactly how rare it is. We promise all products delivered within 20 minutes and the Cheap DFO Gold is the cheapest online. I went through the first 15 rolls with nothing, frequently changes from dawn to dawn to dawn to dawn, we will continue endeavoring on providing best online support service for all DFO gamers. A return of the once defunct thread, with me now hosting it. All these classes have their official theme songs now, but when has that ever stopped us.

Dungeon Fighter Online Hell Mode

Agent’s Secrets include Confidential Document in Seria’s Room, contains secret episodes. It’s just for fun, but you can know more background story about this game and all NPCs. Every time you finish an episode, you can get a Pile of Confidential Document. And a O’Connel’s Gift as final gift. We are the best for you to buy Cheap and Safe Dungeon Fighter Online Gold from online store. If you think our price is too high, you can buy hacked gold from other stores, but the safety is not guaranteed. 
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