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Black Desert Online Kakao Cash News & Guides

Black Desert Online Bot Farmer Filled Map Need to Ban

   Black Desert Online Guides   PC Games   2018-06-22 08:48:28
Black Desert Online now ruined by bot, official did no measures to prevent the hack behavior. Hand-farm gamers so frustrated when the entire map dominated by bots. But the character design and features are really good, maybe it's the best quality massive multiplayer online role-playing game in the world. I think Blade & Soul isn’t as good as BDO, although it was released later than Black Desert Online. There are more classes in BDO for gamers to choose, but the diversity between those classes ain’t obvious due to the lack of depth of building progress.


It’s no possibility to challenge higher level dungeons, you have to deal with other players, and there isn't downtime like other games. In older games you could grind casually for 8-12 hours without much strain. BDO full speed grinding actually takes quite a lot of focus to really optimize it. This is despite it being brain dead tasks, it still takes inputs nearly every second, often more. Someone should not be progressing further by such obvious exploitable systems and unwarranted rewards. Use your wit and knowledge to find the solution upon this issue and Buy Cheap Black Desert Online Silver from It should also seldom give these spoils to the top players who already have a declared advantage. The castle owners for example already prove they have more power than their competitors so giving them a huge reward every single week makes no sense. It's a bug, using it is an exploit. You shouldn't use it, and yes like all cheaters say but everybody is doing it. I hope for you they don't ban people for that, that greatly influenced the progress and initiative of gamers.
Primarily, gamers keen on promote their decorations rather than fighting power or gears in Black Desert Online, you'll be too numerous to be banned. That method may work for you, but some of us have tried that and others like clearing cache and changing to admin perms and nothing works. I bet some even went as far as reading tons of forum posts about dozens of way to see if those works but with no avail. Cheap BDO Cash for Sale here with huge discount “MMOCSVIP”. It has nothing to do with the OS. This worked before, and several weeks ago it stopped working on windows 7. Clearly something was updated at that time that broke the functionality. I would love to hear more about how Pearl Abyss is ruining the game by allowing players to circumvent the entire game world and exploit specific tasks for absurd progression. Publisher is easy to change if they are incompetent, but developer will be forever fixed.

Black Desert Online Fun – Best online store to buy cheap Black Desert Online Items and Gold, if you are lacking of in-game currencies like Cash or Silver, you can find some third party store to buy it for your account. There are vulnerability of the system so we can easily find a safe way to deliver those silver to your BDO account within 15 mins. Hope this Black Desert Online will provide something useful for your grinds in the game, and control yourself and do not spend too much money in this game, no matter which classes you are playing, Witch, Wizard, Ranger, Sorceress, or Lahn etc. 
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