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Dungeon Fighter Online Gold News & Guides

Dungeon Fighter Online PvP Guide for Lighter User

   Dungeon Fighter Online Gold   Dungeon Fighter Guides   2017-12-06 09:36:29
To read this guide requires no experience of PvP of DFO, nor decent kits at all. This is a pure introduction of Dungeon Fighter Online PvP.
As you know, guides are always inclusive of personal bias, no matter how hard a publisher tries to avoid it. I just want to place this note here disclaiming how everything written within this guide is done by me, and thus, many parts will probably not be perfect. Dungeon Fighter Online Tips. If you happen to see misinformation or even disagree with any of the points I make on a skill/it’s utility, please feel free to reply with what you think.

DFO Guide Screenshot

Universal Terms You Need to Know
DPS: Damage Per Second, represent the attack force of a player/character.
AOE: Area of Effect, represent spells that do range of damages.
Solo: PvP in 1v1 manner.
SecKill: Defeat your opponent without letting him counter attack.
Nuke: Skills that deal huge instant damage.

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Necessary Skills for PvP (All Classes)
General skill – Quick Rebound – Max – Quick revover from knocked-down status, then crouch to activate a short-time invulnerable state. Max it up without any argument.
Blade Master Skill – Upper Slash – Max – In all kinds of build you need this skill no matter for PvP or PvE. This skill derives target’s movement ability and grants yourself extra armor. It’s also apply for group battle.
Berseker Skill – Gore Cross – Lv1 – Contribute to combo attack, deserved for 15 SP.
Soul Bender Skill – Ghost Slash – Max – Deals AoE shadow damage to front targets. Quick activation time and the large attack range is useful to blow away multiple targets. I recommend max it out.
Soul Bender Skill – Moonlight Slash – Max – Slashes downward in a big half circle inflicting Shadow damage. Additional attack can be performed by pressing the Skill hotkey once again during the first slash. MP is only consumed by the first slash. Additional input does not consume MP.
Pro Tips Complement
As an Asura your main objective should be knocking the other guy down then use ice wave before he gets up. You most definitely should NOT be trying to throw out all your waves hoping to hit something. The easiest way to get your combo started is to approach as if you were a weapon master, with ACS, upward slash, ashe fork, guard, and triple slash. From there you can find a way to start a combo.
You may also need extra DFO Gold to improve your kits, your PvP will be much more easier since the game is a free-to-play but pay-to-win game in nature. Now Dungeon Fighter Online Gold is on sale, Buy cheap DFO Gold from
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