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Digimon Masters Online Tera News & Guides

Digimon Masters Online ReArise Novice Less Detours Raiders and Players Development Skills

The game of Digimon ReArise is more difficult for novices, because the content of the game is more, the play is more complicated, and the hacker teaches the player how to get started quickly. Arena 15th, Elf Tower 21, Jewelry Challenge 25, Daily Replica 30, Elf Grab 35, Island King 45. See if there are any elves that can be upgraded, such as level, equipment, and break level. Try to use a reasonable combination of skills to match your strongest lineup.
Digimon Masters Online ReArise will gain reputation in the arena to challenge opponents, and the system will issue reputation based on the arena rankings at 22 o'clock every day. Use this 3%-off coupon to buy Cheap Digimon Masters Online Tera from our site: "MMOCSVIP". Various items can be purchased at the prestige store. Mainly by decomposing the tower of the elves and selling the pieces of the tower of the elves to obtain the soul, the higher the quality of the tower of the elves, the more souls will be obtained after decomposing or selling. The soul can buy the Devil's Tower fragments and various props at the store.

The foundation of each Elf Tower is 1 anger, and each time the normal attack anger +2, 4 anger can release the skill. Each hero advances +3 will get the special attribute of anger +2 when playing, and with the effect of anger +1 on the enhanced master level 3, you can achieve the release skills.
The order of the Digimon Masters Online ReArise is in order from left to right in the front row and from left to right in the back row. So we always sell with the lower price which ensures you are buying at low prices at In the arena, when you win the game, you will play against the players and have a high fighting power. When playing against NPC, regardless of the level of combat power, players are the first to shoot. The sale price of the items in the mall will increase as the number of purchases increases.
Purple quality above jewelry will leave at least one fragment for players to challenge. In the friend system, friends can give each other energy, and can also invite friends to fight when attacking the rebels.
Digital Tyrannosaurus ReArise is a 3D card game, but it is different from the general card weak interactive game. The social system is also very complete. From the main city to the guild to private friends, multi-dimensional social gameplay can meet the different needs of all players. The unique guild construction gameplay the Guild Institute, PVP and the cultivation of play. Expand the guild territory, seize development resources, and build a digital empire with small partners.

Digimon Masters Online ReArise


The main functions of the guild include guild hall, guild donation, trade union store, guild territory, guild war and so on. The most distinctive of these is the Guild Territory and the Guild Games. The Guild Territory will refresh various guild missions according to the current guild level.
A number of guild resources and guild contributions can be obtained by completing guild missions, participating in trade union wars, and donating guilds. You will find the Cheap Digimon Masters Online Tera here with fast delivery. The guild resources are used to build the guild and enhance the actual combat capability of the guild. The guild contribution can be exchanged for a large number of precious items including high-end digital beast fragments in the guild store.
The guild hall is one of the core buildings of the guild. When the player joins the guild, he can directly click the guild function button to enter the guild hall. In the guild hall you can see other members of the guild and all the main functional equipment of the guild.
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