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Digimon Masters Online Tera News & Guides

Digimon Masters Online Holy Crusader Experience Sharing and How to Get Star Emperor Dragon Beast

As a game just released, I believe that many players will soon be conquered by its unique charm. Due to language barriers, we have to be discouraged by this game. We once wanted to go to find a strategy about this game, but they all ended in failure. The powerful data is completely incomparable with the original novices of the system. How did the pet get it? The normal route is not available. It was obtained in the form of hospitality.
The battle is carried out in the form of a card consisting of red, blue, green, yellow, black, sachets, and universal cards. Pick three cards of the same color to attack as usual. The system will prompt you what cards are the next four cards. Please refer to the NEXT section in the upper right corner. The number from the right to the left is the next two. The next three cards are about to be acquired.


Combo Skills
With the same deck, how to make the biggest damage? The key is still in the combo. Personal experience sharing, please refer to the third card from right to left at the NEXT in the upper right corner before the card is played and then find a way to check the cards. There are more than two cards in the group. You will find the best and rarest Digimon Masters Online Tera here with cheap price and fast delivery. So at the beginning of the round, we made two black cards and one universal card. It can constitute two combos.
Experience Sharing
Everyone in the early stage does not have to look at a bunch of protagonists, and they want to upgrade and evolve. Their evolutionary form can be obtained through battle in the medium term. The upgrade method of this work is in the form of usual synthesis. That is to sacrifice a lot of Digimons through the synthesis to upgrade. In general, the lower the pet level, the less cost it takes to upgrade. Therefore, try to mix five pets at a low level to make a synthesis. This is more cost-effective.
Game Modification
As a card online game, it is basically impossible to purchase or modify game data. But it does not mean there is no way to amend it. We can modify it with eight artifacts with the latest version of the lock function. PS modification is harmful to the game experience, so do not do a detailed explanation of the specific operation. Support hand to play. BOSS must delete the modified data after the war, otherwise it will be dead.

Digimons Through the Synthesis


As the core of the game, Digimon Masters Online: Holy Crusade has made strict requirements on the elimination rules only three cards can make the Digimon attack. is a trustworthy website to Buy Digimon Masters Online Gold with low prices but quality services. Although you must use three each time. The card is played, but the player can choose according to his own judgment on the pile.
Unlike the traditional three-game, Digimon Masters Online: The Holy Crusade creatively divides the elimination interface into two piles. Use this 3%-off coupon to buy Cheap Digimon Masters Online Tera from our site: "MMOCSVIP". The front pile is the player's operational part, with 8 cards. The back deck is supplemented by a subsequent stack of cards, with a total of 4 cards and will be replenished at any time during the elimination process.
The randomness of the card color in the card pile will cause the player to consume a large amount of brain cells in the selection. Even two decks can be completely eliminated, but because the combo cards have different color functions, it is likely to cause a low attack.
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