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Blade & Soul Gold News & Guides

Blade & Soul Update Old Outfits by Cheap BnS Gold

   Blade and Soul Guides   ARPG   2018-06-09 09:11:25
Do not say you are Blade & Soul gamer blatantly in public, there are few fandom of this game in the world. Currently most of B&S gamers displaced to new MMORPGS quickly and there is a game called Fortnite, which is the successor of the PUBG, also as hot as the latter one’s debut in the market. But due to the lack of servers in NA and EU, the ping/lag in those countries always surpass 100 at night, EU is better but not help. When I were in dungeon, yes the Midnight Skypetal Plains Legendary difficulty dungeon in the game, my computer stuttered for about 15s and I know it’s the network issue not my PC configuration issue.

B&S Update Old Outfits

It is not as difficult as you think to earn more event currency by farming with alts and sending them to your main, there are calculations that's involved with the event design and what the developers want players to earn during the event period. But the Cheap Blade & Soul Gold is indispensable for every BnS gamer. Making the event currency bound to account would affect these numbers and alter the Dragon Express exchange prices which would more than likely lead to requiring everyone to participate in the event with multiple characters instead of allowing that to be an option as now.
Hands down has to have the most new player friendly tips and tricks I've come across. Has been a great help so far in unraveling a heap of my initial confusion only started playing about a week ago well worth the time to check it out. I am experiencing the same poor performance for a week. I usually get 45 fps but nowadays at the start of the boss fight I get fps drops to as low as 4-5 accompanied with ping increase. After approximately a minute or so it gets back to normal only to drop again in a few minutes. I use the lowest graphic settings possible, so I have nothing to do with settings in this situation. Now I give you my feedback. I’m done with your game and the lies. The game is already on its last knees since it has destroyed chances for new players to even catch up due to the gold nerf. Unless you are rich, you won’t get any progress.
That seems to be the message the developers and CEO are getting across. As many other have said before me Premium Transformation Stone is an item required by ALL gear pieces once you hit raven stage. You know the Cheap B&S Gold may come by something with luck, but not by searching for it, while we on the other hand are expected to click the casino roulette and hope we didn’t just waste our materials in one click BOOM button just like that. Keep the already existing transmute with RPG Gamers chance for those who ought to understand how dangerous it is.

Blade & Soul Gold Update Old Outfits

Thereafter, Silverfrost Mountains is the best map for LvL 60 gamers to level up. You can claim relative quests form piedmont NPCs, all required mobs or loots are on the mount you can easily get all of them. Some quests requires you to meet someone, also NPC, but live in the mount and difficult to find, he is under attack of some wolves or other monsters, and you should rescue him and take him back to the foot of the hill. Thus you complete the quest and can get your rewards. Most often, it’s a purple shoe or green plate, not so good but enough for non-cash players to cope with for several levels.
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