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Rainbow Six Siege Account (R6) News & Guides

Rainbow Six Siege Halloween Event “The Mad House” Is Now Live and Brings New Skins, Map Makeover And More

   PS4 Games   Xbox One Games   PC Games   Rainbow Six Siege Halloween Event   2018-10-30 08:59:02
Like any other popular games, Ubisoft has also announced a limited-time Halloween-themed event for Rainbow Six: Siege, called Mad House. It is mentioning that this is Siege’s first proper seasonal event, with previous years only giving players a few scary skins. unfortunately, the event only last for a short time. It runs from October 26 to October 31. the following is a video released by Unisoft showing off all that the now-live Mad House event has to offer. Aside from the Halloween-themed playlist, the game developer gives players decent rewards and bonuses to earn when players complete the challenges. For example, free packs, new skins and other new items. For more details on the Halloween event, just keep on reading.

Mad House Event

"In addition to the 1 free pack that players who log in during this event will receive, there are Club Challenges available for additional Crimsonveil Collection packs! You will be able to obtain two more packs through this Club Challenge. In order to complete these challenges, you will need 30, and 60, kills in the Mad House playlist."

As the above official statement from the game developer, players can earn lots of time-limited item during the event. Rainbow Six Siege Mad House is basically a discovery playlist that is available just for this one map. To celebrate the Halloween event, the Mad House event adds a new haunted variation of the House map to Siege. It gives the classic map a ghoulish glow and covers the walls in Halloween-themed decorations, such as spooky paintings and cobwebs. There is a 24/7 playlist of a spooked-up version of House. The playlist only supports the Recruit and the ten operators who have Halloween skins: Finka, Jager, Vigil, Thermite, Valkyrie, Pulse, Hibana, Mira, Buck and Ash. The event also adds special skins that transform the those Siege's Operators into monstrous versions of themselves. For example, Valkyrie transforms into a possessed nun with demonic eyes.

First as long as log on the game during the event, you can get a free pack. As with the Crimsonveil Collection packs, which includes a series of 22 themed weapon skins, charms, and operator skins for Finka, Jager, Valkyrie, Vigil and Thermite. There is also a rather colourful gooey “Slime” weapon skin and charm available. You can get those Crimsonveil Collection packs by buying bundles ranging from one for 300 R6 credits, to 21 for 6300. Otherwise, you can unlock the two Crimsonveil packs by playing Ubisoft Club Challenges on the haunted House map. he first pack is unlocked for killing 30 enemies in the haunted House, while the second is for killing 60.  You can unlock individual cosmetic packs with either R6 Credits or Renown. You can buy Cheap Rainbow Six Siege Credits from our website:, a trustworthy cheap online in-game currency store.Opening packs unlocks one of the 10 special Operator skins, or one of the 12 Halloween-themed weapon skins and unique charms.


Since this year, the Crimsonveil packs will not offer duplicates. meaning the free one and buying the 21 pack for 6300 credits will be enough to unlock all this year’ s items. For Cheap R6 Credits, you can visit For more details, check the video above.

After the brief knowledge of the Halloween event and are you ready to get started? The Mad House event is now live on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. For more on Rainbow Six Siege, just keep an eye on our website:
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