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Rainbow Six Siege Account (R6) News & Guides

Clash Secondary Weapon Utility Test of Rainbow Six Siege and List of Slum Stealing Points

   PS4 Games   Xbox One Games   PC Games   Rainbow Six Siege Features   2018-10-22 08:46:25
Rainbow Six Siege slums once again meet the players, but many players have not played this picture, it is very easy for old players to steal in this picture. The roof resurrection is similar to other points, and it is divided into three ways: left, center, and right. On the far right is a stone staircase. When the stone steps go down to the exit, be careful of the left side. Looking to the left, you need to be careful of the 1F and 2F planks. These three large planks can be stolen by opening a hole.
At this intersection, after confirming safety, it is about five meters forward. We look at the corridor on the right. There is a small wooden door in this corridor, and the defending party can directly reach out and steal the attacking side of the corridor. Here is the location and perspective of the defensive side when the defensive side steals the corridor.


Then go to the middle of the resurrection, the middle of the way to climb an iron ladder, which is the way out for most of the attackers after the resurrection. But the climber ladder is actually very dangerous because the defender can steal it without going out.
The red circle in the picture below is the position of the defending party to steal people. Use this 3%-off coupon to Buy Cheap Rainbow Six Siege Credits from our site: "MMOCSVIP". You only need to make a hole to see the attacking side of the climbing ladder. It is well known that when climbing a ladder, it is impossible to fire, so when you see people can not fight back, you can only count on the opposite face and the reaction is not good. When he does not pay attention, slide down.
Finally, the way out is on the left. From here we also need the next stone staircase. Go down the stairs and look at the big exit. Here you need to look at the 2F and 3F planks on the opposite floor. There may be a defensive side to steal people.
After passing the green staircase above, we continue to the left to see an iron ladder where you can climb the roof of the external water tower. Should you cherished this short article as well as you want to obtain more information concerning Cheap R6 Credits kindly go to our internet site. But this roof needs to be careful in two directions. The defender can make a hole in the 2F and 3F wooden walls or wooden windows.

Damage And Attenuation


Damage and Attenuation, Rate of Fire, DPS
P-10C - The base damage is 11 in 11m, the linear attenuation is 12m~21m, and the lowest value is 25 at 22m. In the test, Rogue-9 put the gun at the fastest point to 486 RPM, so the upper limit of the firing rate is higher than the 450 RPM of most other semi-automatic weapons. But taking into account the various factors in the actual battle, as well as the hand speed that varies from person to person, the following calculations are performed using a lower 450 RPM.
SPSMG9 - The base damage is 30, 18m-27m linear attenuation in 17m, and the lowest value is 20 in 28m. SPSMG9's single shot damage at any distance is less than or equal to the single shot damage of the P-10C at the same distance. Welcome to check out my web page -
The marked rate of fire is 980, but since the shooting mode is fixed at 2 bursts and not fully automatic, the actual rate of fire cannot be as high. Rogue-9's fastest point in the video demonstration was 1.320 seconds to finish all 21 rounds, equivalent to a firing rate of 955 RPM.
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