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Rainbow Six Siege Account (R6) News & Guides

Rainbow Six Siege Fortress Map Guide: How to Attack and Defend Easily

   PS4 Games   Xbox One Games   PC Games   Fortress Map Guide   2018-12-17 09:20:06
The latest expansion of Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Wind Bastion brings two new operator, Kaid and Nomad, along with a new map, named Fortress, for gamers to explore. The new map is set  in an exquisite desert palace on a mountaintop in Moroco. In each of the three game types, there are a number of spots where the objective can spawn. To save you time, herein we’ve made a list of as rooms to keep in mind for both those defending and attacking the map’s objective.
Since Fortress is a extra horizontal map, which means that the flooring which you could roam round in differ between attackers and defenders. So both attackers and defenders enjoy different advantages in different floors. For example, for attackers, the most advantageous place for them must be the free area over the rooftop space, with solely a single digital camera exhibiting the defenders in the event that they’re about to be attacked from above. Heading decrease and decrease, the benefit swings from the attackers to the defenders, due to the map’s muti tiers, they can make the most of the structure and funnel enemies into traps they’ve deployed.

Fortress Map

Defence spawn points in Rainbow Six Siege’s Fortress
The first floor generally is easier to defend than the second, mostly because it is a lot more compact with fewer ways of breaching. There are definitely some key points to set up traps that you’ll want to exploit, and effective use of various defenders for trap setup or surveillance would be advantageous. For example, the window located in Commander's Office, watches over B site and it's entrances. If you get a jager to give you some ADS support,  it will tricky to push you out. But a good ash/sledge/finka/buck/zofia/nomad can easily bring this mira down.The second floor can potentially be a little more tricky thanks to its more open layout and the fact that it can be breached from multiple angles. So Alibi could be a great choice for those wishing for deception, while Caveira can have a field day by sneaking around the map to take enemies by surprise.


Attacker spawn points in Rainbow Six Siege’s Fortress
There are four spawn points in the map, with both the main gate and parking areas being relatively close by to each other. One camera is pretty close to the Stable on the Courtyard Path, while the other camera on the ground floor by the main entrance in south of both the Main Gate or Parking spawn points. Additionally, there’s one more camera above worth your attention, which is far easier to take out of you’re approaching by the stairs close to the front entrance, giving you free reign over the barricade leading to the Old Tower.Herenin we recommend the safest way to go access the Old Tower is via the Front Entrance stairs, which gives you the best chance of not being seen. If you want to Cheap R6 Credits, come to, the cheapest online in-game currency store.
There are two cameras in downstairs. Upstairs is a bit more aspread out, meaning that you need to do a thorough sweep of the top floor compared to the lower floors. When it comes to breaching, there are plenty of walls that can be blasted through, but it’s also worth pointing out that any defensive players can use the winding corners to hide traps, as well as set up Castle barricades to herd you around.
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