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PUBG Mobile UC News & Guides

PUBG Mobile Game Guide: New Map And Spider Man Are Introduced into the New Version

There are many new features for players to experience in the new version of PUBG Mobile. The most popular character is the Spider-Man. Players can join in the world and complete some missions associated with the Spider-Man. However, if you want to make your character attractive in the matches, you can buy Cheap PUBG Mobile UC to search for the funny skins for your character in PUBG Mobile. 
Spider-Man Mode
After the recent launch of the superhero movie Spider-Man: No Way Home, PUBG Mobile announced that they are going to collaborate with the film. A first-time collaboration with the beloved character and Sony Pictures, a number of new activities and items will bring players the full superhero experience.
Players can enter the themed mode and drop into either Erangel or Livik to team up with Spider-Man in battling mysterious monsters, earning cool free items and a chance to shoot webs and zip around the map just like the masked hero. Also, players can visit Mylta Power in Erangel to encounter the secret boss and defeat them with Spider-Man to get advanced supplies.
Players can visit Mylta Power in Erangel to encounter the secret boss and defeat them with Spider-Man to get advanced supplies. Additionally, players can also get a No Way Home Web Shooter, allowing them to shoot webs at buildings  alongside slowing down enemies with well timed shots. Find and loot spider web covered Spider-Man: No Way Home Crates that have appeared across Erangel to get the No Way Home Web Shooter, along with other basic supplies and other free Spider-Man: No Way Home items. Finally, the No Way Home Spider Web Ball has also been added–spraying webs over a large area that slows down players moving through them. Use this tactically to get easy eliminations!
Aftermath Map 
In the new map Aftermath, Livik has been transformed after a volcanic eruption has bombarded the map. Players must now battle in the ‘Aftermath’ of this natural disaster. In addition to existing rock formations becoming fragmented, houses and terrain have been destroyed and demolished. Aftermath is a much faster-paced map than the original Livik, with sparse cover producing more frequent battles.
With improvements to armor in previous updates, Aftermath will drop players into battle with firearms that are already equipped with an AC Core Module and new scope, enhancing both accuracy and handling. Tactical Glasses, also equipped by default, will show damage dealt by weapons. A reduction in the size of the urban area as well as in the density of the Playzone should make finding enemies easier. The addition of ziplines will speed up travel time, and a new Recall System will give eliminated players a second chance to enter the battlefield.
The PUBG Mobile Version 1.8 update also has one of the world’s leading architectural studios, Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA), design its first-ever virtual building inside a video game. Three unique medical centers, designed by the studio, combine the exceptional artistry of Zaha Hadid Architects with the essence of Erangel and PUBG Mobile. 
Each building can be viewed and enjoyed exclusively by PUBG Mobile players in Erangel. Blending physical and digital art, these buildings will expose a new audience to the inventive studio that has delivered a piece of architectural art specifically for PUBG Mobile players and act as a beacon to inspire the next generation of architects.
Players can collect new items in the latest version of PUBG Mobile, and you can also Buy PUBG Mobile UC to purchase the beautiful skins for your weapon or gear. You can find cheap PUBG Mobile UC on
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