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OSRS Gold News & Guides

Old School Runescape Money Making Guide for Beginners & OSRS Best Gold Making Skill 2020

Money makes the world go around. So does Old School Runescape. Making money is one of biggest problems that players should overcome in OSRS. This guide will tell you some efficient ways to make money early in order to try and get over that hurdle!


Stronghold of Security
Making money through the method of Stronghold of Security is a good beginning. The Stronghold of Security is a dungeon in OSRS, whose purpose is to educate players on how to ensure the security of their accounts and personal information when playing games online. The entrance to it is in the middle of the wild village, just west of Varrock. If the player traverses the entire stronghold, they will get 10,000 gold coins.

Maximize the Shops Around Varrock
Players can exchange items through the grand exchange, which is a place located in north Varrock where players can trade almost all items in the game to other players. For this method, players will go around the shops in Varrock and purchase their items and then take them to the grand exchange and sell them for more than they spent on them utilizing the differences of prices in different places. Two of the best shops to use for this currently are the staff shop and the rune shop so players should start there. The prices of items in the grand exchange change all the time so players should keep an eye on prices to ensure that they are still making substantial profits.

Gathering Leather
Players can either gather the cowhide by buying it from the grand exchange or by killing cows at one of the farms in Lumbridge and then turn the cowhide into leather. Once gathering enough cowhide, players should head to Al Kharid which is east of Lumbridge. In Al Kharid there is a shop marked by a brown shirt on the map where players can pay a small fee to have the shop keeper turn their hide into leather. Cowhides currently cost 152 coins at the grand and Leather costs 216 coins so players can make a profit. This method can also be done with dragon hides if money is available.

Wines of Zamorak
As one of the most well-known money making methods for free to play players, this method involves using the telekinetic grab spell to steal wines of Zamorak from Asgarnia's chaos temple. And it is used on the condition of the requirement that the telekinetic grab spell requires players to have a magic level of 33. It is recommended that players bring a staff of air, law runes, and a few wizard mind bombs to do this method most effectively. Players with lower levels should leave the temple once a wine is taken as the monks will get angry and attack. The best method is to only enter the temple once the wine has reappeared. Players who have reached a total level of 500 can go up the ladder in the temple when wearing a full Zamorak monk outfit. It makes this method much easier as upstairs is a wine easy to acquire.

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