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Mabinogi Gold News & Guides

Mabinogi G21 Finale Part 2 Doki Doki Box & Mabinogi Duel Shutdown Threads

   Mabinogi Guides   PC Games   MMORPG   2018-07-06 09:07:21
Mabinogi is welcoming its G21 Finale Part 2 event, rewards are abundant. Although we still don’t know what’s inside the Special Box and Doki Doki Box, to open the boxes are one of the most exciting operation in the game. Nexon will keep the mystery to the last sec before the first gamer get the reward from the box. What they deemed as details are just mysterious clouds, you need to spend money to make them clear one day. But Altam Mini-Gem and Pihne Mini-Gem are total substance can be seen and touched.


All questions can be raised here, even if how to buy cheap gold from third party stores, cuz there are no official GMs. Through the game, you have to complete different quests, fight the enemies, and move to the next level. You can also rebirth to the level 1. Of course, like any other game, the first step in Mabinogi is about teaching you how to play correctly. If you’re new to Mabinogi, don’t skip them to learn how to quest, to use your inventory, and to get the skills. But if you have money you can spend in the game to help devs build the game better. Vindictus takes place in the same setting as Mabinogi, but it takes place several hundred years before the first game when the world was in war and conflictions.
Everyone know it’s a F2P & P2W game, same debate happens in numerous of same type forums of online games simultaneously. Players can immerse themselves in the mystical universe of Mabinogi and join millions of adventurers in the world’s most expressive MMORPG. By creating an anime-inspired hero with thousands of customization options, such as hairstyles, facial features and outfits, players will enjoy the game on their terms by selecting one of dozens of talents ranging from professional gunslingers and archers to musicians, tailors and cooks. Game costs money, that’s a widely accepted nous, but if you are willing to sacrifice your time and pleasure to grind in the game and sell your farming loots or carrying others to level up to earn money. Mabinogi Duel Official Nexon suddenly announced shutdown document on their site, reason still mystique.

Mabinogi Title

All paid users can claim for refund till August 23, but have to keep the app before transaction completed. All in-game coins and dual cards are no longer available for purchasing or trading. Although it’s a mobile phone game, the shutdown manifests the intense competition of the mobile market and the depression of Mabinogi. I’m playing Clash Royale but I’ve never heard about Mabinogi Duel, so that’s may be one of the factor of its shutdown.
Mabinogi Gold is the most important currency in the game, it’s precious but you can earn a little each day login in the game. The fastest way to amass gold is to farm mobs, second is sell your loots, third is do quests, and also you can buy Cheap Mabinogi Gold from, this is a safe site for many popular online games. No matter what kind of items or currencies you want, we can provide you with cheap price. Don’t worry about the safety, we even take it more seriously than you, cuz we are doing this business.
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