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Lineage 2 Adena News & Guides

Lineage 2 Guide for Gaining Huge Adena without Farming

   Lineage 2 Guide   2018-01-27 09:06:21
If you have friends who has played the game to endgame already, your leveling way will be rather casual. But most of gamers find the game unconsciously online and there’re no partner for them when in beginning stage. When be stuck in the tough grinding stages by your poor weapons, armors, you can following this Lineage 2 Guide for a fantastic counterattack, this game is in essence a free-to-play game. Nothing is perfect, so does this so-called comprehensive walkthrough, at least this handbook cannot replace you to control your avatar. It’s time for you to turn the tide by practice all of the tips in your game.

Which Lineage 2 Revolution Class the Best?
Pick whichever class suits your gameplay and aesthetic taste. If you want to get more in depth, there are a lot of guides & varying opinions out there. Since this is a grinding game, ranged & and fast moving characters has the biggest advantage. Elf Silver Ranger & Human Hawkeye would be my top two choices as they have buffs that allow them to tap mobs as soon as they spawn in a grinding environment. You can also share your build to us, once adopted, you can get huge discount code for Lineage 2 Revolution Adena. Different gamer has different idea on creating their unique archive. If you want to play a tank, Human Paladin has the most taunts while Elf Temple Knight is the only class with invulnerability. Tanks seem to be the most useless this early on in the game while healers are more essential in party grinding. Scavenger is slow to level up, and not awesome in damage, but has extreme speed.
How to Level Up Fast? Is There Any Tip?
Resonate your level with the farming map within 3 levels so you can keep the highest exp and efficiency for farming and questing. If you’re struggling, go back to the previous spot and level up again. Before you start grinding, click on the mini-map on the top left. Maybe our site isn't the cheapest store to buy Lineage 2 Adena, but our safety and transaction are the best out of question. All of our opponent stores admit it. You can scroll through the locations and then once you’ve found the correct location, scroll through the monster list on the right side. Click ‘go to’ to automatically walk to the chosen monster. You will be leveling slower at the start but you’ll have more tools to be able to grind faster without spending any resources later on and this method is definitely something that I would recommend.

Lineage 2 leveling tips

How to Make More Lineage 2 Adena?
Sure, there’s a lot of ways for you to earn Lineage 2 Adena. I recommend you follow the quests, especially the mainline quests, which will not only provide your some rare items but also let you know the background story that make the farming tasks meaningful and interesting. You’re not a bot for the game’s algorithm, like dig bitcoins. There’re also a Scroll Quest for you, those scrolls can be get from loots from mobs farming dailies. The game gives you prizes for simply logging in. There are daily, weekly, and monthly login rewards available. If you stay in-game for an hour, you will get a random reward box features Adena and items in it. is the best online currency store for Lineage 2: Revolution. If you deem the aforementioned guide ain’t helpful for you(maybe it doesn’t suit your level), you can ignore those tips and instructions and just Buy Lineage 2 Adena from us. Check our previous news to find discount code. You can’t expect your character reach top level automatically by itself, to be honest, to level up by yourself is the only way to feel satisfied. Leave your comment on our Twitter. Thank you for your viewing.
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