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Genshin Impact Accounts News & Guides

Genshin Impact Roadmap 2020: Release Date For Version 1.1, New Characters & Dragonspine Area

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo. Since its release, it receives tons of praises. And it is one of the most appealing games at present and it was voted September’s best new game for PlayStation 4. Genshin Impact takes place on the world of Teyvat, which is divided into several nations and regions. The game will at last feature seven major regions. But currently, there are two nations within the game that the player can explore: Mondstadt and Liyue, which a little makes players disappointed more or less. 
To meet players’ expectations, miHoYo has been making efforts to upgrade. And recently Genshin Impact roadmap for 2020 have came out, which includes a release date for version 1.1 plus the Dragonspine area. Let’s see what it is! 

As previously mentioned, Genshin Impact is remarkably popular with some dubbing it the free Breath Of The Wild game people never knew they needed. Despite comparisons to Breath of the Wild being both justified and blown out of proportion, it’s easy to understand why the game has resonated with so many as it’s free, the combat is excellent fun, the landscape is vast, and the characters are typically cute anime protagonists.
If you’re enjoying the game and are eagerly anticipating future content, below you’ll find the roadmap for 2020 which includes a release date for version 1.1 plus the Dragonspine area.
When is the Genshin Impact Version 1.1 Release Date? 
The release date for Genshin Impact version 1.1 is November 11th.
This is the expected release date for Genshin Impact version 1.1 per miHoYo, and it will come hand-in-hand with an event called Unreconciled Stars.
While the aforementioned event is planned to take place with the launch of the patch, leaks suggest that there will also be new characters added.
According to Milennium, there will be four new characters: Diona and Xinyang as four-star rarity heroes, and Childe and Zhong Li as five-stars.
The Genshin Impact version 1.1 release date could change if a delay occurs, but November 11th is the current plan.
Genshin Impact Roadmap 2020
Aside from version 1.1, the 2020 roadmap for Genshin Impact also includes the release date for update 1.2 and Dragonspine.
According to the Genshin Impact roadmap for 2020, the release date for update version 1.2 and the Dragonspine area is December 23rd.
This could obviously change if there’s any delays, but miHoYo have stated that their goal is to deliver updates every six weeks.
In regard to beyond 2020, the Genshin Impact roadmap concludes with update 1.3 which is simply targeting February 2021.
Update 1.3 will come with an event named the Lantern Rite.
Above is everything we know about Genshin Impact update. If something fresh occurs, we will show it up at our site Excited to explore a new region or try new characters? The game is full of adventures everywhere, not to mention new region. So, in order to enhance your adventures, it is quite necessary for you to buy Genshin Impact Account, which is not a real account for gaming, it's just an account that full of Genesis Crystal and Primogem. This content ensures that the game will continue to progress and offer new challenges and adventures. Even it can be used to unblock 5 star characters. If you you are looking for the best place to buy Genshin Impact Account, please come to We are a professional online game store committed to providing game services, for instance, game coins, game consulting and etc. We focus on customer satisfaction. Thus, we will offer the lowest price, fast delivery, and safe transaction to all of you! Meanwhile 24/7 live chat and global payments are available! If you have any doubt, please feel free to contact us! Genshin Impact Account for Hot Sale at! Welcome to join us!  
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