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Fallout 76 Bottle Caps News & Guides

Fallout 76 Guide: How to get FO76 Atoms

To get Fallout 76 Atoms, you can complete challenges to get Fallout 76 Atoms as reward, but it's not effective. If you want to get more Atoms in the game, I recommend you a reliable site You can Buy Cheap Fallout 76 Atoms easily here, cheap, safe, fast. But if you only want to farm them, just follow us to get professional Fallout 76 Atoms farming guide.


What can we do with Fallout 76 Atoms?
By heading over to the main menu and selecting the Atomic Shop, you can purchase a wealth of different outfits, skins, accessories, and more. This can include new player icons, new items for your base camp, and new emotes and poses for photo mode.
How to get Fallout 76 Atoms?
The easiest, quickest method to earn Atoms right now—without dishing out your actual hard-earned cash—is by completing challenges. Once you're in a game you can view the main menu and search through the dozens of challenges listed on the screen. Many of these are as simple as taking a picture in its photo mode or killing five different types of enemies. You can see which challenges you have completed, how many Atoms you will be rewarded upon completion, and you can sort them based on their category like combat or survival.

All of the challenges are split up into different categories so you know exactly what you’ll be aiming for. The combat section is all about killing different types of enemies, from animals and aquatic creatures to robots and cryptids – mythical creatures like the Nascent Snallygaster and Grafton Monster. Meanwhile, under the survival tab, you’re looking at harvesting fruits and berries, learning new recipes, and collecting wood. There are challenges for everyone to tackle, whether you’re a nomad hunting down all the creatures in the game or if you prefer a more docile lifestyle, but the best way to earn this currency in bulk is to keep exploring, whether that’s finding new areas or using weapon types you’d normally avoid.
If players are able to complete the Daily and Weekly challenges with regularity there should never be a real reason to purchase Atoms with real money. Of course, there might be a situation down the road where a can’t-miss cosmetic enters the store and then all bets are off.
The Daily and Weekly Challenges are available for a limited time before cycling out for a new set, while the rest of the Challenges are permanent. Select the Daily and Weekly Challenge tabs to see how much time is left before they refresh. A checkmark will appear beside each Challenge that you have completed. We suggest going for the temporary Challenges first to earn some quick Atoms before they expire, as you can always finish the other Challenges later.
Do you get these tips to get atoms? If you have more ways to get this currency, you can share them with us at
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