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Aika Online Gold News & Guides

Aika Online v718 Warrior Build 2-Handed Melee DPS Guide

   Aika Online Guide   2018-02-01 09:27:01
Aika Online is a f2p MMORPG developed by JoyImpact, published by T3 Fun for PC in 2009. As a MMORPG, the highlights of the game that differ the game from traditional MMOs will be its numerous mainline and sub-line quests, dungeon-running system, and a massive Nation War! The Nation War shall be the staple combat style of Aika Online, which enables gamers start group PvP in a scale of up to 1,000 players in one map.

So the Nation Wars are the only and most attractive gameplay of the game that attracts numerous veteran and entrants player addicted in the game. The combat will be ended with the capture of the Castle, the first fraction achieve it will be winner of the Nation War, and there will be a huge reward for all member of the victory fraction. In order to get the reward, as well as the satisfaction from the victory, gamers need to craft and upgrade their weapons, armors, pets, mounts, skills, and many other aspects of the necessities of combat.
Warriors in Aika Online can be built as: 2rd Tank, Initiator, Melee DPS. Why second not main Tank? Because this title should be given to Paladins, who uses shield and 1-hand weapon. But there’re also advantages Warrior dominated. Compared with Paladins, Riflemen, Dual Gunners, Warriors features balanced survivability and DPS, more capable for melee combat. Compared with Warlocks and Clerics, Warriors features melee attacking style and ability to absorb damages to protect allies. So never had a team would reject a powerful Warrior’s application, only if they already had a decent Paladin and one physical DPS members.
How to build Warrior in Aika Online? You are the tank/DPS hybrid character of Aika. Due to your natural beefiness you can hold your ground against multiple enemies, and with your deadly arsenal of AOE skills, you can decimate said foes. If you ask me where is the best place to Buy Aika Online Gold, I'll reply Of course, every veteran Aika Online gamer knows our site. We've been trading online game currency for more than five years. Stop hesitating and Get Free Aika Online Gold from us. But you can’t tank as long as the paladin and your spell combo isn’t as devastating as the warlock’s. You also have some nice party buff skills which benefit the whole party. Such as: Howl of Freedom – lifts teammate’s Move Speed, and immunize them from many abnormal status like curses; Howl of Blood – enables teammate an ability to absorb HP and MP from each hits.

Aika Online Warrior Build Guide

This game don’t provide much about single PvP but to some content it provides good material. There are thousands of players in massive raids. Players reach their battle field which is an open arena, no too much difference with other MMOs. These battles range from 6 to 24 teams. It depends on the host how much ever he wants. You may need Cheap Aika Online Gold for a further step in PvE and PvP in the game. Do not follow hack tool or guide online or else your account may be banned permanently from the server! But the 24 team is a very big match sometimes takes hours to finish it. The players playing the game has to keep in mind that he does not abuse anyone as that can make enemies in the game and can be dangerous in future in your gaming world. There are in total 5 nations where there many activities take place like destroying the guardian stone and stealing it from the national altars. is the best store to buy Cheap Aika Online Gold online. We promise Cheapest Price, Fastest Delivery for all orders. The payment is safety guaranteed by PayPal. You can join our Affiliate Program to earn an extra income. Keep following us for more Aika Online Guide. Although this guide isn’t in-depth, but this is the best handbook for new gamers. We’ll keep posting more Aika Online Build Tips for our customers. 
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