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Age of Conan Gold News & Guides

Age of Conan How to Fight for Win From Level Zero

   Age of Conan Guide   2018-03-07 08:47:37
Age of Conan is a MMORPG developed and published by Funcom for Microsoft Windows in 2008. Just because it was so popular and interesting, and there are numerous voters required the game to be included in the game roster of Steam, it joint the Steam in February 22, 2013. After the cooperation with Steam, the game has been gradually heated up in NA and EU districts and later on spreading around the world. Just like WoW and many other traditional MMORPG, Age of Conan provides a massive land territories for gamers to choose a character to fight with others online. To master the combination of skills and weapons to fight with combo and tricks is the gist of the game’s fighting aspect. You also need to improve or get your decent or handy weapons.

AoC Tips for 2018 New Gamer

Loop back around and follow the beach to the right. It goes on a for a bit, but eventually you hit some rogues, then gators. There's a gator boss that drops a random body part, use not yet known. I got a severed foot. Never had a Age of Conan Gold Guide station will tell you the truth of game is to spend money for fun. The in-game shop is unaffordable, the is Cheap and Safe!The gator boss guards a treasure chest, that may also contain a magic ring with the same fire buff. Also near the mini map you will see a drop down. One of the choices are change instance. You can tell who in your group is in what instance easily through this. A star next to an instance is where the group leader is at. A human symbol represents where group members are at. You will be able to use this walkthrough no matter what class you choose.
To fight from level zero need great courage, when they die time after time. If you are grouped but cannot see your party members. As leader of the group right click on the party member’s name and select bring to instance. I am not sure of the wording but it’s easy enough to figure out. This walkthrough is detailed and from the standpoint of starting as a Rogue class. Although there are several minor changes between the Rogue and other classes in the Destiny Quest line, they quests are basically the same with small alterations. The game is gorgeous on High but scales well enough on Medium and Low. If you can get away with Medium settings but keep the textures on High then you’re not missing much as you might speculate.
Most of decent weapons can be get from loots, quest rewards are not so good as always. If you have a high level character you can always send over a few gold to the new character for gear but this is not needed. As long as you obey the dos and don'ts, you can avoid from detouring and earn more coins for out guides easily. And easy Age of Conan Gold are waiting for you in-game and on our site. You can also get gear through the item shop but this can be costly so in most cases I would stick with the gear I get through drops. If you feel under geared, find a group and hit up some instances. Wait until you get washed on shore and get past the Intro then start playing with video settings. I suggest you start with Medium and adjust up or down from there.

Age of Conan Beginner Guide

Age of Conan Beginner Guide is over till now, all knacks and tricks are taught to you with detailed explanation and illustration. Have you learnt all the points we stressed? If you think some of the tricks are not easy for you to cast easily, just login your account and practice them in game by yourself. There’s no shortcut for you to step on the top position in your server, even if you have some friends who’s in high level and can carry you in farming and fighting. You can also buy Cheap AoC Gold from our site, it’s fast and safe! Do not leave the mainline quests to the end-game, there are numerous of decent rewards and loots for you in that levels, once you reaches endgame you miss the interesting background story, and unwilling to play back those low level quests. Wish you can be here when our next guide for Age of Conan released. 
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