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Smite Gems News & Guides

Advanced Tips for Playing Jungler in Smite

   Smite Guide   Jungler Guide   Jungler Tips   Jungle Guide   2019-05-21 08:58:32
I noticed many junglers just quite don't get how to handle higher level of play than casual. So, in this guide, I’m gonna share with you a few little things I have started doing that really seem to help. I hope they can help your jungle as much as it did for me. Now let’s dive in, shall we?


Your 3 biggest things you need are:
1 Jungle Camp Rotations - the most basic is speed harpies Blue either mid harpies or red buff after that
2 Map Awareness - I can't stress how important this is tunnel vision junglers frustrate people so much
3 Patience - if enemies are near there tower don't just jump in and try to gank this usually ends up in a failed gank almost everyntime usually resulting you taking unnecessary damage and wasted mana
Couple of things that you should remember when play jungler:
Pathing. You'll learn as you go, but learn the quickest ways to get to each camp. Camps are your bread and butter, so learn how to move from one to the other early game to get a lead.
Everything relies on timers. You start at speed buff, then move to harpies and mana(blue) buff, then to mid harpies and blue. By this time, you usually go back to speed and start again. Pay attention to the timers on the map to know when a camp is about to come up, and plan where you're going from there once you're done.
Ganking. Some people may disagree with me here, but ganks aren't important. Not for you. They're important for the people in lane, your team mates. When you gank, you need to be thinking "what am I getting out of this?" If you're Ganking solo lane and are successful, you go for their blue and the totem. If you're Ganking duo, you go for their purple and their back camps and then move into their red. You need to always be thinking one step ahead.
Don't be afraid to run from a fight when you need too. Junglers aren't very tanky(some exceptions here) so run if things aren't looking good. A kill isn't worth a death, especially early game.
Know the God you're playing with and who you're against. How fast is their clear vs yours? Will they clear speed harpies and blue faster than you and get to mid camps before you? If yes, go straight for mid wave and then the other mid camp, or invade their red early.


When you start to get ahead, you can further it by choking their jungler. You do this by farming their camps. What you're doing here is removing their farm and forcing them to either take their teammates (usually mid) or venture to your side of the map to try to take your camps, which leaves them vulnerable.
Last but not least, wards. Once you back for the first time, sell all remaining potions and buy wards. Wards win games. They allow you to see in the jungle and can help you stop rotations onto other lanes(especially in games where people don't know how to call out missing people). Get new wards any time you back and place them in mid, and to the left and right of mid. By their red, their speed, anywhere in their jungle really. After 5 minutes also start warding fire giant and gold fury regularly.
Oh, by the way, don't get discouraged when everyone(especially solo) blames you for them being bad. They expect ganks but don't realize you're behind, getting your ass kicked by 3 people in the jungle but they're pinging you to death yelling "gank right lane, you rock cancel that " over and over. It's gonna happen, believe me. Just do your best to rotate when you can. Also learn vgs! It helps so much!
That’s the end of this jungler guide. And if you are in need of Cheap Smite Gems, provides Cheap Smite Gems with fast delivery. Moreover, with a coupon code "MMOCSVIP", you can enjoy 3% off.
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