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WildStar Online Gold News & Guides

Wildstar 2018 Guide and Tips

   Wildstar Online Gold   Wildstar Online Guides   2017-12-25 10:44:03
WildStar is a MMORPG build by NCSOFT for Windows in 2014. The background story happened on a fictional planet which is named Nexus. In WildStar, players control their unique avatar to move in the opening & persistent world environment. Now the max lv is 50. And our guide is aimed to bring you there. At first, you need to know some terms: quests, dungeons, and PvP.

WildStar Guide for Beginners

Quests are a set of tasks or called challenges in WildStar, different classes may meet different quests in some certain situations, but most of general quests are in same content for all classes gamers. There’re mainline quest which tells us a developing background story and put up a heap of tutorial quests and provides special rewards once you complete them. Most of quest rewarded gears are bind to character once equipped, they often feature better attributes, while some of gears are tradable, their attributes are relative lower than former one but it can be equipped by others.
Dungeons are a series of separated zone that generated for one or group of gamers to challenge and will disappear when all group members quit from it. Dungeons always exists in a labyrinth-like pattern, once entered, there will be several branches, seek for the boss and clear the dungeons for special loots. Dungeon mobs often provides higher exp and better loots
PvP in Wildstar
Attain the highest rank in the fastest time possible in WildStar. Just follow the roadmap in this guide and you’ll be able to complete every quests, obtain all precious loots, learn every ability and rack up every reward in this MMORPG. No more annoying back and forth travel between zones. The guide tells you what you can do in each zone to upgrade your level – what secret bosses to kill as a Soldier, which hidden places to visit as an Explorer, what to analyze as a Scientist, and how to become a community leader as a Settler. Each path comes with deep walkthroughs.

WildStar Terms Explanation

Players can buy the first riding skill and mount at level 15 for approximately 10 WildStar Gold from mount vendor. Once you buy the mount, you’ll find it in your inventory first, you need to double-click it to equip and activate it. This action adds the mount to your mount list. Then you can choose it from mount customization window.
One of the first things that happens as soon as you hit Level 50 in WildStar is a sudden wave of incoming calls. Because of this, it’s not a bad idea to abandon what existing quests you have that you don’t care about or hard to complete for your condition. You can always go back and pick up your pre-50 quests later on so that you can achieve them easier and faster. Do not skip the dialogues or else you may lose considerable mirth and recognition in the game. A lot of end game content has been added over the last three years, and the majority of it was designed to give freshly Lv. 50 characters more options and faster ways to become experienced.
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