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Age of Wushu Gold News & Guides

How to Start Age of Wushu the Journey in Jianghu

   Age of Wushu Gold   Age of Wushu Guides   2017-12-26 08:50:32
Jianghu, usually used to describe the swordsman world of ancient China. So it here indicates the world map of the popular MMORPG, perhaps popular in some European countries, and South East Asian countries. So if you want to have a communication with gamers from around the world and enjoy the outlandish style of online game, Age of Wushu is the best choice for you. Now we not only provide most professional game guide for you, but also sell cheapest Age of Wushu Gold for our customers.

Age of Wushu Character

First Step: Create Your Character Innovatively!
Similar with most of other online games, Age of Wushu requires gamers to build their “unique” avatar to start the game. That all includes: Nickname of your avatar, shape and appearance of the avatar, and the “backstory” of yours. The Backstory means the storyline of your character in the game, each of them features a separate storyline and accordant quests and developing route for your character. There’re four backstories for you to choose: Phoenix Pledge, The Tale of Tianshan Sword, The Nameless Sword, and A Scholar’s Legend.
Terms in Age of Wushu (Age of Wushu News)
Age of Wushu borrowed a series of universal terms of online games, but there’re also some special terms that we need to explain for you.
HP: You can understand HP as Health Point or Hit Point, this is one of the basic attribute of your character. The more HP you own, the better endurance you character will be in a battle. It will slowly regenerate through time, you can also take drugs to recover HP.
Energy: Most of moves spend Energy, it will also slowly regenerate automatically out of combat.
Flying Skill Value: The more FSV you have, you longer you can fly, it will recover over time. Players need to master Flying Skill in advance.
Vigor: This is also an important attribute in Age of Wushu for activating some special skills.
Infamy: Slay others will increase your infamy point. The higher Infamy you get, the longer you will be put into prison.
Yin & Yang: These are a pair of opposite attribute that influence nearly every aspects of a character’s combat ability. It can increase/reduce player’s attack and defense.
School: There’re 8 schools in Age of Wushu: Shaolin, Wudang, Emei, Scholars, Beggar’s Sect, Tangmen, Royal Guards, and Wanderer’s Valley. You can understand schools as factions instead of guilds. School only provides skills and quests for you.

Age of Wushu Friends

Add Friends
There are three ways to add other players to your friends list.
1. Find your friend first, and right click on his character and click “Add Friend”.
2. Open "My Jianghu" menu at the lower left corner of the screen, click "relationship" then click "find" and input your friend’s nickname, when the result pops up, click "Add as Friend".
3. If you want to make friend with someone chat in the world channel, just right click his name and select "Add as Friend".
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