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MapleStory M Mesos News & Guides

Try Out The Explorer Bowman Pathfinder Class on MapleStory Now

MapleStory’s Pathfinder class is officially to all players now. To help you better play with this new job class, below, has outlined everything you need to know about the new class and provides Cheap MapleStory M Mesos to unlock the new class.

pathfinder class

The Pathfinder is an explorer bowman class, and the Pathfinder’s story includes a focus on the hidden history of MapleStory since the character is interested in collecting old relics. So, its basically MapleStory‘s version of Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones.


Pathfinder Basic Information
Pathfinder is an Adventurer archer class. However, it will be restricted from Open Job Advancement for a certain period of time. Being an Adventurer, Phantom can steal some of its skills.
Pathfinder’s job names are: Archer -> Ancient Archer -> Chaser -> Pathfinder.
Pathfinder’s Maple Union effect is 10/20/40/80/100 DEX. It does not have a Link Skill.

Primary Stats:
Attack: 4/5
Defense: 2/5
Mobility: 4/5
Difficulty: 3/5
Pathfinder uses a new type of weapon, the Ancient Bow. The naming scheme is pretty neat, based off of ancient cities!
Marad Ancient Bow (Lv. 10)
Assur Ancient Bow (Lv. 30)
Uruk Ancient Bow (Lv. 50)
Avaris Ancient Bow (Lv. 60)
Magna Ancient Bow (Lv. 70)
Tanis Ancient Bow (Lv. 80)
Pylos Ancient Bow (Lv. 90)
Ephesus Ancient Bow (Lv. 100)
Black Ancient Bow (Lv. 100)
Dragon Ancient Bow (Lv. 110)
Zakum’s Poisonic Ancient Bow (Lv. 120)
Buhizer Ancient Bow (Lv. 120)
Necro Ancient Bow (Lv. 120)
Royal Von Leon Ancient Bow (Lv. 130)
Jaihin Ancient Bow (Lv. 130)
Falconwing Ancient Bow (Lv. 140)
Utgard Ancient Bow (Lv. 140)
Meister Ancient Bow (Lv. 145)
Fafnir Ancient Bow (Lv. 150)
Absolabs Ancient Bow (Lv. 160)
Arcaneshade Ancient Bow (Lv. 200)
Sealed Genesis Ancient Bow (Lv. 200)
Genesis Ancient Bow (Lv. 200)
Pathfinder’s secondary weapon is the Relic.
Potential Relic (Lv. 10)
Awaken Relic (Lv. 30)
Trine Relic (Lv. 60)
Perfect Relic (Lv. 100)
Black Relic (Lv. 100)
Pathfinder’s medals include:
The One who was Cursed (Lv. 10)
The One who Faced Trials (Lv. 30)
Chaser of Darkness (Lv. 60)
The One who Found the Way (Lv. 100)
Master of Ancient Power (Lv. 200)
Pathfinder Job Skills:

Pathfinders have three types of skills. Each skill type has a different effect. Cardinal Force attacks charge the relic gauge and sets what kind of emblem it uses. The other type is called Ancient Force attacks, which will consume the Relic Gauge. The last sort of skill is Enchant Force, which you'll get by the 4th job advancement. This attack characteristics are determined by the type of emblem that is set in your Relic Gauge.

Pathfinder Pros and Cons

    “Share your pros on this job!”
    High Damage Output
    Excellent mobbing skills (Cardinal, Ancient and Enchant skills)
    Has a party support skill (Obsidian Barrier)
    Can tank 1-Hit KO 100% HP boss attacks (Ancient Astra + Obsidian Barrier)
    High base critical rate (75%)
    “Share your cons on this job!”
    Need to apply debuff on enemies to deal high damage.
    Skills are ping-reliant.
    No bind (stun) nor stance (anti-knockback) skills.
Along with the Pathfinder, players also get to try out the new theme dungeon, Elodin and participate various events on Adventure Island. Here are highlights of the pathdfinder patches including:
The revamped Legion system
Updated cross-world party matching
Updates to all Sengoku jobs including reworks of Hayato and Kanna
Daily quests have been replaced with Weekly quests
Requirements for a 5th job have been lowered
MapleRun, Legends Return summer events
New multi-player dungeon content
Insights into the history of MapleStory in the Pathfinder questline
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