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Trove Flux News & Guides

Trove Neon Ninja Introduction & Weapons Recommend

   Trove Flux   Trove Guides   2017-07-27 08:50:26
Trove is a fantasy MMORPG features unique pixel-based sandbox graphics, cute mobs, numerous weapons, gears, items, and creative building system. There’re 16 distinctive classes in Trove, they’re Melee class, Staffs class, Pistols class, Bows class, and Spears class. Neon Ninja is a melee battle class who has 5 combo melee consecutive attacks. You can do gardening, collect rare items,

Neon Ninja isn’t normal ninja, which is the combination of warrior and ninja kind of class. They are good at both engage in frontline of battlefield and stealth actions, you can build up your house in the game, and decorate it. But the core of the game remains to be battle. In order to teach Trove gamers how to play well all class & gears, we update Trove comprehensive guide every week, and provide cheap and fast Trove Flux for you.
Shadow Flip is the basic assist skill of Neon Ninja. When it activates, Neon Ninja get into the stealth mode, and invisible to enemies. When in Shadow Flip, Ninja’s speed will be increased by 50% and leave an illusion on the ground to confuse enemies. If you can time the skill, you can make use of the illusion to take damages for you. When is used in PvP, targets will drop any flag they hold on.
Passive skill the Shining Star can generate total three darts, that can be used for stealth condition to replace your basic attack. Notice that every attack action will break your stealth condition.

Frankly speaking, Neon Ninja isn’t a versatile melee class for its skills and stats, so be careful when facing a pile of mobs. Dislike knight class, ninja has not adequate hp to endure melee damages and to control or to attack group of targets. According to the battle style and the class attributes, Neon Ninja in fact is a class called Ranger in other MMORPG, the only similarity of Neon Ninja with melee class will be short ranged basic attack.

Neon Ninja is an explosive class that ought to deal enemies within a few seconds. If you are pushed back of be trapped, use the Stasis Blade to get closed to the target again quickly, or to get into the stealth condition. They’re fragile but dangerous, not suit for war of attrition, so evaluate you and your targets before initial the strike. Once you find you are not enough to seckill the target, quit and escape as soon as possible. Especially be aware of small scale dungeons with numerous of traps, once you get trapped, the battle ended soon.
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