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Tree of Savior Silver News & Guides

Tree of Savior Silver Farming Guide: Best and Fast Way to get free TOS Silver

Tree of Savior Silver is the basic currency of the game, which you will need to buy or upgrade your weapons, gears, armors, shields, mounts and skills. If you have not enough time to grind in the game, but unwilling to quit the game easily, the best choice for you is to buy cheap and safe Tree of Savior Silver from us, we promise all in-game currency are hand-farmed without hacked. Do not miss the discount! Except buying, you can also make them by farming.


Saalus Convent- Saalus Convent is slated to be changed very soon, but not yet at the time of writing, so what I’m writing here is still when it was 2 saalus runs per day. At level 240, you get access to Saalus Convent, which when I was a noob, thought was a very high end dungeon. In actual fact, it’s just like an additional daily mission, that awards you a 2 cubes per run, 1 for saalus loot and 1 for a blessed shard, which is the currency used for transcending weapons. Currently, around 100k each. These are super high in demand, and are also used as currency to trade for gear in game. Kinda like the stone of jordan of ToS. It can take under 5minutes per run to 15mins, depending on the dungeon you get, although in the future update, there will no longer be quick saalus ‘missions’ any more.
Take the Extra Quests which involve fights against Gesti permit you to farm against mobs such as the following this major boss. In addition to the high experience with the monsters that comprise these mobs, they have a great drop rate. These quests would be best restricted to players which have arrived at a reasonably higher level. Around thirty minutes of farming before finishing the search can provide you with around 35,000 silvers price of vendor items to market to NPCs. This really is on the top to the fact that there're rare items that are included with finishing one.
Farming generally refers to purposefully putting your character into an area that has many respawning enemies, easy to kill, and drop good items. Monsters drop a random amount of silver as well as loot. Silver is added to your account as soon as you pick it up. Loot can be immediately useful to you. Sometimes a monster might drop a weapon or item that you need. This will ensure that you don't have to spend silver acquiring this item later. The vast majority of items will be useless. These items most often get sold to NPC avatars who tend to congregate in towns, but they can also be put on the market. Items that have some real value tend to go for more on the market. Common items are worth more to NPC avatars, however. Most players that extensively farm monsters have a tendency to check the prices in both places before they agree to make a sale. Keep in mind that NPC prices don't really fluctuate. That means you can generally expect the same value for an item consistently. Future updates to the game won't influence the prices that characters pay for things. When it comes to selling things in the market to actual players, what people will pay is dependent on their own personal whims as well as how badly they need an item.
That is all the tips we know about getting Tree of Savior Silver, hope it is useful for you.
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