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Dragon Nest Gold News & Guides

Top Rated Dragon Nest Warrior Tanky Build Guide 2018

   PC Games   MMORPG   Dragon Nest Guide   2018-03-17 09:46:56
Dragon Nest is a MMORPG based on an ancient legend story of dragons on this mysterious land. Gamers are endowed with the mission of finding the disappeared ancients in the world. If you want to level up fast with your little warrior in the game, you need to be full of energy and passion. In order to reach the final aim, you need to upgrade your weapons, gears, and mounts to improve your fighting power. You can earn loots and profits from PvE and PvP and from its accessory quests. There’re death punishments every time you be killed by other s or bosses or even mobs. Try to stock all your precious items and gold into your inventory to avoid big loss from defeat.

Dragon Nest 2018 New Guide

Along with Triana, he is the one who accompanies Geraint to Captain Darlant's Ship to confirm the rebirth of Serpentra, witnessing Geraint's death. Right now, most of the party took a great Job Pure DPS and Healer, so many players who lack the potential of other Job. The in-game purchases are not for wise gamers, but for ill-informed gamers. There's a brand-new way for you to Buy Cheap Dragon Nest Gold fast and easy. We promise 100% safety for trade and lowest price. I wonder how the experience of the Destroyer during this 90 Cap. You will many skills to spam most of the time. This feels more exciting compared to the situation if you need to wait long time for your skills to cool down.
Are you one-shot mobs and concerned the game is way too easy? They made it really easy to level because the main focus is end-game. It will get much more difficult after that. Think of 1-93 as a tutorial on how to play the game and your class. Best tip: to shorten the farming time, you can team up with other gamers who is in similar level with you, and shares same quests with you. When you log in, you'll be sent to your character selection menu. Create a new character. Pick one of the 8 classes and get on your way! You can see the Class section of the guide if you can't make your choice or want to be efficient in the future.

Dragon Nest Warrior Tank Build Guide

Although the tank build based more on attributes and gears, warrior have lots of useful skill within their first job, and most of them can be chain as combo! First before most, you must know the skill before you use them! As a warrior, you should be chaining together normal attack along with skill in order to maintain mp or else you'd run out. You can also share your build to us, once adopted, you can get huge discount code for Dragon Nest Gold. Different gamer has different idea on creating their unique archive. Infinity Edge is an awesome skill which has insanely high damage if you can get all your hits done on the mob, especially useful on bosses. I don't strongly recommend such way to develop sword master before Lv40, for the SP is not enough for you to study some useful skills.
Warrior always features decent health and armor in all online games, some of them are also good at DPS, some are more inclining to tank. Dragon Nest Warrior can be built as a balanced class according to your skills allocation and weapons. Follow the above tips and tricks to be what you wanna be, a role to burden the damage or a damage dealer. Finally, to Buy Cheap Dragon Nest Gold, you can login our main site, now the Paddy’s Day Promotion is activate. Hope you can enjoy the article here. 
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