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Dekaron Dil News & Guides

Dekaron Segita Hunter Pure DPS Build with Skills Tree for Group PvP

   PC Games   MMORPG   2018-03-17 09:23:14
Segita Hunter, always called hunter by gamers of the game Dekaron, features ultrafast movability, high ranged physical damage, best kite ability, and group PvP advantages. When God open a door for you, would close a window as well. Segita Hunter’s defense and survivability are lower than average. So you need to avoid your cons been exposed to your enemies, and exert all your avatar’s potential to subdue your foes. To protect yourself from hurt will be demanding since there’re too many unexpected damages and opponents hidden around here and there. This Dekaron Segita Hunter Guide will help you get through most sensitive period of this class, plus some weapons recommend and quests tips. Hope you can save some time and unnecessary cost during your gameplay in Dekaron.

Dekaron Segita Hunter Build Guide

The main thing about Segita Hunter is to watch out for their curse field. The curse field can knockback you which will make it hard for you to use skills. So pay attention to what skill the Segita Hunter is using. Buy Cheap Dekaron Dil with cheap price and fast transaction from We are the most professional online game currency store. Contact our Online Support service for help if you have any problems during the ordering process. Try to keep distance from the hunter's because the skill blood hit which is a 10 hit skill can quickly take a chunk out of your PvP shield and health. As for defense, it will depend on how much heal you would actually have and the armor you're wearing. Since you won't have much in defense, having the best armor is your best bet.
I used wind shaft for my fights even into the higher levels, while other skills were saved for when wind shaft was on CD and I needed to deal damage fast. Skull shot is a great skill for emergencies. It has a low CD and low MP cost when compared to other skills. Wind Moving is a must have skill in PvP. When maxed it gives you an increase of 55% moving speed. It’s the boost in speed that is needed in keeping your distance from your opponent. Of course all this depends of your gear your weapon options accessories. Two of them involve killing mantis, and two involve killing lizard men. When you finish these you should be around lv 30! If not, kill a few mobs until you are. You should have received a few Return Scrolls by this level, if not I suggest you purchase a few here!

Dekaron Hunter Skills Tree

I love Dekaron, and mostly because of the Hunter class. If you got for example a lot of PVP DMG Tolerance and damage decrease rate. Alternatively, you can teleport to Deneb from Ardeca once you reach level 12! The teleporters are located in the center of Ardeca, shown below! Back to Deneb! Here you will encounter your first quests! Look for NPCs with large exclamation mark above them. No matter you're a newbie or a veteran of the Dekaron, it's a great chance for you to buy your in-game currency here. Both time and energy you can save by buying our Cheap Dekaron Dil. These are optional, but can provide a decent exp boost in your current leveling zone. You can track a quest by double clicking it in your quest log, which is Q! Some quests have you collect items, watch out! Some of these items are collected automatically, and some are dropped from mobs and you have to pick it up yourself.
Dekaron Guide Station provides most on-time game patch notes and new tricks found by gamers that can make lucrative profits. We also sell Cheap Dekaron Dil for Gamers on all servers and all platforms. If you find mistakes or bugs inside our guide, hope you can point it out for us. Thank you in advance. Hunter isn’t most gruesome class in Dekaron, especially in endgame stages. Decent accessory are needed for a reliable Dekaron Segita due to the lack of melee fight ability, Segita Hunter can only maximize its damage under allies protection. That’s great weakness for them. So time your survival skills to ensure a safe leeway. 
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