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Star Wars: The Old Republic Credits (US) News & Guides

SWTOR: A Great Single Player MMORPG

Compared with other famous MMORPGs, SWTOR puts its emphasis on single gameplay rather than group contents. However, most players like playing mmo with groups, so they feel disappointed and lose interest to play swtor, but there are still a large number of gamers who love the single gameplay, and swtor is one of the best choice for them without costing too much Swtor Gold. Let’s see what they feel about swtor in the following parts

“I completely agree, and want to add that solo doesn't have to be the end of it. This is a fantastic co-op story. Different classes RPing other 'campaigns' is what I loved most when I first started launch day. Wish I could convince people to replay with me. However, you know the game has a bad reputation when I can't get my go-to co-op guys to even TRY a FREE game. Damn shame. I don't care though, because I love the stories over and over.”

“The only reason I'm playing right now is because I can play alone. I don't have friends who play the game, and I have a very small time window each day to play when my kids are asleep. And even then I can't really do group content because I have to be ready to leave at any moment if they wake up. The single player MMO suits me perfectly!”

“I beleive that when people say that SWTOR is a single player MMO as a bad thing are mainly referring to the fact that the last two expansions and mainly KotFE offered little to none group content and instead Bioware chose to focus mainly on single player stuff in a game that has online for a reason, to allow you to play with other people.

Single player content is good, most if not all MMOs have a main story that can be done on your own, it shouldn't be completely taken away specially from a game so story focused lke this, but it should not be the only thing they do.

The chapters right now, regardless of if the story is good or not, don't have the replay capacity to keep people playing until the next expansion.

Think of this, uprisings is the only new group content added to the game since 3.0 aside from one WZ match that most people don't even like.”

“I just started playing SWTOR two months ago because I found out it was f2p (did sub for 1 month though) and I find the solo player RPG aspect one of my favourite qualities. I generally don't like MMOs, quit them when I was 16. But I'm okay with SWTOR since 90% of the time I'm alone and don't have to interact with people. Being able to occasionally group up for a flash point is nice though.” Shared by z-level-wraith

“If swtor the old republic was a standard mmo i quite simply wouldn't be playing it. All the grinding, relying on other people, clans etc i cannot stand.

Having other people around while i play my own game feels like i'm in a living world but without the bullshit of having to interact with people, i get to imagine everyone elses character has their own individual story they're embarking while playing my own characters story like a single player game.

Swtor feels so unique compared to every other mmo to me, it's actually an incredibly enjoyable single player experience and that's what i want from a game. I don't have the time or the patience to spend my life grinding for anything it just doesn't appeal to me, and i certainly wouldn't have spent any money on it.

“Having completed my Jedi Knight story so long ago, actually deleting that character and using a straight to 60 boost so I could try KOTFE. I decided to watch all the cutscenes of the Jedi Knight story to recap, I couldn't remember anything and I only got a bit through the Tython cutscenes before turning the video off, launching SWTOR on my PC and creating a brand new Jedi Knight to play through the story again and then i'll carry on through to KOTFE and KOTET.

Never did RotC or SoR and was planning on doing the stories of the Agent, Inquisitor and Smuggler and choosing to do that DLC with one of those but as Jedi Knight is my favourite class I will now do them expansions with that toon. Going to take a lot of my gaming time for the next few months.
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