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Saint Seiya: Cosmo Fantasy Holy Stone News & Guides

Saint Seiya Guide: Story, Series and Which Episode Should You Start First

For those who are interested in Saint Seiya series and don’t know from which series to start, then this guide is what’s exactly you need.


Saint Seiya Story Overview
Basically the story follows a group of 5 “Zodiac warriors” of Athena in their mission to save the world from the “evil” gods who want to destroy it. The anime heavily relies on Greek mythology, so the story follows a path trough Olympian’s gods.
The story is really absorbing and exciting, the fact that the 12 zodiac signs appears as a main part of the story sets the mood for a more personal and deeper involvement in the story. Whilst the animation is not up to what we are used nowadays, it’s quite decent for its time, so does the sound. And the characters are well built.
But what makes Saint Seiya stand alone, is, its art. Every warrior is based upon a constellation, and every warrior has his unique armor. Somewhat around 100 armors are displayed trough the anime.
So I really recommend this anime if you are interested in watching a cult anime, with really cool art, average animation, and a no so deep story arc.
Saint Seiya Series:
The main series is Saint Seiya which is an adaptation of first part of the homonymous manga by Masami Kurumada. The second part of that manga was later adapted in three different series of OVAs which tells about the Holy War fought at the end of the 20th century between Athena and Hades:
Hades: Chapter Sanctuary
Hades: Chapter Inferno
Hades: Chapter Elysium
This is the core of the story and is set in the 1990s. In the same period of time are set the four OAVs: Jashin Eris, Kamigami no Atsuki Tatakai, Shinku no Shounen Densetsu and Saishuu Seisen no Senshi-tachi.
Then there are the prequels:
Episode G is set a brief time before the main story and tells stories about the youth of the Gold Saints.

Next dimension is both a prequel and a sequel (it involves time travel): it is written by the same author of the original story and it tells about the Holy War fought 243 years before the main story.

Lost Canvas is an alternative prequel (who was adapted by into a two series of OVAs) written by another author, which tells an alternative version of the Holy War fought 243 years before the main story.
The sequels are:
Next dimension
Soul of Gold is set in parallel to the ending of the main story and tells about the Gold Saints who are resurrected after their sacrifice at the end of the main story.
Tenkai-hen an OVA set after the ending of the main story and sees as the main antagonist the God Artemis.
Omega is set 25 years after the main story and tells about the "new generation" of Saints who will have to fight agains Mars and his warriors.
There is also a spin-off, called Saintia Sho set more or less in the middle of the main story, where the main antagonist is the Goddes Eris.
The following is a scheme showing how the various series are related.

Saint Seiya Series

So, as a newcomer, which Which series should I start with?
1. Start with the classic anime (santcuary, Asgard and Poseidon).
2.Then watch the hades ovas and maybe the side movies
3. Watch soul of gold that happen in the same time of hadss
3. watch Lost Canvas that is a prequel to the classic story. The anime is unfinished, full story is just on manga.
4. Omega is filler but you can watch it as it's the anime alternate continuation
Take account that the canon story is only adapted in the classic anime and hades ovas (with a lot of fillers), and the official sequel is next dimension only in manga for now. Netflix will adapt the classic story again in 2919.
PS: you can only watch Lost Canvas that imo will please more the newcomers. It's a non canon prequel but stands on its own but you will need to finish the story reading the manga. The classic anime it's too outdated in aesthetics and some people can find it tacky and boring due to being from the 80's.  Netflix revamped adaptation of the canon manga/story, and titles it “Saint Seiya: Knights of The Zodiac”, set to launch on July 19 th, 2019.

We will keep you informed everything on Saint Seiya: Knights of The Zodiac, so stay tuned to, where Cheap Saint: Seiya Cosmo Fantasy Holy Stone and Cheap Saint Seiya: Galaxy Spirits Diamonds are on hot sale.
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