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Saint Seiya: Cosmo Fantasy Holy Stone

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  • Holy Stone Pack A (Holy Stone x100)
  • $ 0.79
  • Holy Stone Pack B (Holy Stone x600)
  • $ 3.19
  • Holy Stone Pack C (Holy Stone x1200)
  • $ 5.59
  • Holy Stone Pack D (Holy Stone x3000)
  • $ 13.59
  • Holy Stone Pack E (Holy Stone x6000)
  • $ 25.59
  • Holy Stone Pack F (Holy Stone x9000)
  • $ 35.99
  • Holy Stone Pack G (Holy Stone x17400)
  • $ 63.99
  • Monthly Ticket A (monthly ticket vaild 30 days)
  • $ 2.39
  • SP Pack A (Holy Stone x600 + Bonus 540) - 1 times only
  • $ 3.19
  • SP Pack B (Holy Stone x1200 + Bonus 960) - 1 times only
  • $ 5.59
  • SP Pack C (Holy Stone x3000 + Bonus 2250) - 1 times only
  • $ 13.59
  • SP Pack D (Holy Stone x6000 + Bonus 4200) - 1 times only
  • $ 25.59
  • SP Pack E (Holy Stone x9000 + Bonus 5850) - 1 times only
  • $ 35.99
  • SP Pack F (Holy Stone x17400 + Bonus 10440) - 1 times only
  • $ 63.99
Saint Seiya: Cosmo Fantasy is developed by DeNA Hong Kong, which is launched on IOS/Android platforms and brings back childhood memories. In this gameplay, you can experience 12 sanctuaries, the conflict with Poseidon, the Hades arc, and a new story called ‘The God Libra and the 12 Weapons’ written by Masami Kurumada.! The game perfectly restores the original plot & completes the grand scenes with fine 2D+3D art, which is really a great work.

Saint Seiya: Cosmo Fantasy Holy Stone works as a premium currency and players can use them to summon Saints, Cosmos, buy equipment, purchase varies in-game shop items and refill stamina. Players often obtain Holy Stone by buying monthly ticket A, SP Pack and Holy Stone Pack. Now, there is welfare for you at If you buy cheap Saint Seiya: Cosmo Fantasy Holy Stone Packs via, you can get 80% off price, and extra bonus of holy stone. Equip yourself with enough items holy stones and speed up the process of the game, we always know how to make your character unstoppable and get you maximum joy from every game!

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