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League Of Legends Boosting News & Guides

League of Legends: AD version is coming soon, the designer will enhance the shooter equipment, can this change the status quo of AD

   Patch Notes   Web Games   Features   Cheap LOL RP   2020-12-21 09:03:57
The new season of League of Legends has also started for a period of time. During this period, players have also developed a lot of gameplay and hero outfit recommendations, but they have not found that among the AD positions of the current version of League of Legends, there are Many heroes have given up the mythical equipment of the shooter and instead all try out other types of mythical equipment, such as Star Eclipse Cinder, Twilight Blade Kai'Sa, Star Eclipse Female Spear, Holy Separator EZ, etc.
These gameplays all appear in It means that in today’s alliance, the AD’s mythical equipment of the archer type is too weak, so this also makes the survival environment of some ADCs that can only produce archer type equipment worrying, and the designer obviously knows this. It is also to improve the current situation of ADC, so it is also decided to enhance the AD shooter type equipment in the 10.25 version of League of Legends, and this change may make the AD position return to the status of Big Brother.

Archer type mythical equipment enhancement.
First of all, the designer has enhanced the archer-type mythical equipment that can directly increase the combat power of the ADC. In the current version, the active effect of the power of the wind has a too long cooling time, so in order to enhance the power of the wind: so the power of the wind is increased The basic attack power of, increased from 55 attack power to 60 attack power, and also reduced the cooldown of the power of the wind, from 90 seconds to 60 seconds, which can be said to be a big increase. Then there is the Immortal Shield Bow: Because this equipment can provide adc with a shield, it is also the most ADC piece of equipment so far. This change is only to increase the attack power from the original 50 attack power to 60 , And the equipment of the Siren Killer has been upgraded once in the current version, so this time only the basic attack power of the Siren Killer has been improved, from 65 to 70.
Endless has been enhanced, and all the mainstream equipment of the shooter has been improved.
In this alliance change, I think that the biggest increase in ADC is the endless enhancement. In the 10.25 version, the endless passive effect has been changed from the original 20% increase in critical strike rate and 8% increase in damage. , When the critical strike rate is greater than or equal to 60%, you can get a 35% damage bonus. You can think about it this way. Although this change is to weaken the endless late damage, it can be given to the endless early and mid-term Make effort, after all, before the revision, it takes 5 pieces of critical equipment to fully exert its endless effect, and after the revision, only 3 pieces are needed.
In the latest 10.25 version of the alliance, it can also be seen that the designer wants to enhance the AD position, so the mythical equipment of the shooter position is first improved, and the price of the mainstream product of the shooter is reduced, and finally endless changes are made. The passive effect allows adc to quickly improve its combat effectiveness in the middle of the game, but I don’t know if the designer’s painstaking changes can make changes to the game environment after the ADC. Do you think that after the equipment is upgraded, the ADC will get Is there an increase in winning rate? Cheapest LOL Riot Points Price is all on, come and check it! 
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