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Kingdom Under Fire II Gold News & Guides

Kingdom Under Fire II Tactics for Campaigns and Online Mode

   Kingdom Under Fire II Guide   2018-02-26 08:54:05
Kingdom Under Fire II is a real-time strategy RTS online game developed and published by Blueside Phantagram for Microsoft Windows and Sony PS4 in 2005. How to play the game? Just direct your heroes and troops to invade or defense enemies, to conquer and dominate opponent’s capitals and resources. In order to do this, you need to train and update your troops and heroes, develop your technologies, manage your domestic affairs. If you find difficult to put all thing orderly by your understanding towards this game, you can follow our Kingdom Under Fire II Guide, in which you can get to know some useful but undisclosed tricks to improve your construction quicker.

Are you interested in trying out the new character? No problem! Creating an account is very simple and only takes a minute or two of your time. You can follow the short tutorial on how to create an account on my previous Kingdom Under Fire II post here. Recharge Kingdom Under Fire II Gold with cheap price and fast transaction from We are the most professional online game currency store. Contact our Online Support service for help if you have any problems during the ordering process. I'll make sure to follow up on more gameplay videos of this new character soon. I want to at least get her leveled up so that I can preview more of her skills!
Understand rock paper scissors, you have to understand what every single unit excels at and is weak against in order to set up your fights when isolation becomes impossible. For example, if you got surrounded by enemies and one of your units is a scorpion, you would have to either destroy or put enemy mortars, catapults etc. in melee. As a hunter, you have to make your prey come to you, or else you might enter a fight you cannot win or escape from, which is often the case in the previous games, where enemies travel in packs.
To use your sword, you left click. Your gauntlet, right click. The sword is a normal, AoE wide slash to hit multiple foes. Do note that your swing extends beyond 180 degrees, thus it will hit enemies behind you as well. The sword swing also interrupts all low-tier mobs, and the swings can be chained up to a 4 combo. It's time for you to try the Cheap KUF 2 Gold on our site. You will find it's even effective than this awesome guide. The gauntlet does a single short range quick hit in front of you, and after 4 successful hits on an enemy with the gauntlet, you’ll activate a small forward ground AoE punch, as well as gaining super-armor for about 5 seconds where you will be immune to flinching.

Kingdom Under Fire II Heroes

Set up your troops in a logical arrangement, with your ranged units and slow units farther away and your faster ones up front. If you place, say, a scorpion up front and your enemy goes Hail Mary with mortars, you may find yourself in a pickle. During online play, this may be especially difficult since a player will always reinforce his own units or simply withdraw. You will have to move your units around to place them in battles that they can win. But this goes another step deeper.
Remember never trust other gamers who promise offer you awesome account or gears unless your give him small amount of money. And never use hack tool, most of them are Trojan made by hacker to steal your account and important information in your computer, no programmer or hacker will spend a lot of time make a safe game hack tool for online gamers. Just follow our Kingdom Under Fire II Guide and Tips, buy our Cheap Kingdom Under Fire II Gold. We will release a comprehensive guide for online solo for you soon, keep following us.
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