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War Thunder Golden Eagles News & Guides

How to Earn More Golden Eagles with A War thunder Free Eagles App

   PS4 Games   Xbox One Games   PC Games   Golden Eagle Guide   2019-01-18 08:51:40
Just like any other game, War Thunder also has some premium feature that makes the game a little bit pay to win. However, if you don’t wanna spend money on game, how to earn enough Golden Eagles? To help you out, in this guide, we’ll show you how to earn enough golden eagles for free with a War thunder Free Eagles app.

Golden Eagle App

Download A War thunder Free Eagles App
First, open your Android phone and go to the Playstore , where you search for “Free Eagles for War Thunder”. The first one should be “Free Eagles”. It has a red square with a silver Plane and the slogan “Free Eagles”. Download this app and go on with the next step. If you can't use the original app,just download Bluestacks android emulator and install on your PC or tablet.
Set Up The App
Once you’ve downloaded the app and started it, it will ask you for an invitation Code. That’s your chance for your first 10 Golden Eagles. Enter this code to get them: 5qgay.
To enable the Golden Eagle transfer, go to “Account” and enter your email address that belongs to your War Thunder account and press “Save email”.
If you are using Steam login instead of an email address scroll down to the FAQ section and follow the explanation under “I’m using a Steam account to log in to War Thunder. So, I don’t have an email address.”
Now you are ready to earn some Golden Eagles!


How to Use The App?
Liar Tasks - these all have “Web Game” written next to them and none of them work.These NON installer jokers link you to ads and if you manage to get the basic games to run at all ,you can't win them.These are purely advertising and do not pay out.Suspiciously high values like 160 - 260GE to complete level 4 scores ect. Avoid like an enemy fighter swarm and don't waste your time.
Quick installs - These are your bread and butter quick earners of 3 - 50 GE each.They mostly work straight away,so download and install a whole load of them and launch,play a few seconds then delete.That's enough to get the reward and cash out your 38 min GE pay out.I found only about 10% of them don't for me.Like shooting AAA,they all add up.
Shady Surveys - Hit and miss on these.Usually not worth it as you're going to be annoyed at wasting all that time filling out the same damn details over and over again for nothing.You know when you are diving too fast on a big fat destroyer,and try to launch your torpedo....
Installed level / score task Games - Big fat pay outs compared to all the others of between 20 and 300 GE depending on the game involved.The only one that has not payed out for me atm is the Game of war ( build lvl 5 stronghold) ,which was probably the most time spent .(After sending off a screen shot of the game,I got the 312 Ge about a week later from Tapjoy).4x1000Kg bombload at high altitude.Slow but massive earners.
Lunatic deals - Giving some dirty gambling site £20 just to claim your 'free' 3000GE isn't such a good idea.You'll lose the bets and then be sat thinking why you didn't just buy the GE from Gaijin and got something nice.( or a bottle of liqour and made a night of it playing warthunder with wild abandon :^D ). Like chasing after that wounded enemy plane all the way to the enemy base...and then you're suddenly surrounded on all sides...
Singles - Watch videos ( or mute and do something else ) for 1GE a pop.Usefull to get you over the 38GE line and a payout if you are in quick need of crew ect.Like shooting at a destroyed enemy plane  for a few hit points before it crashes into the ground
Here comes the last piece of advice, also the most important one. Watch out what you're signing up for if you are using a phone number! Avoid the traps and make up a phoney baloney email and then facebook,or your life will forever be filled with spam,spam and more spam. For your attention, you can also buy Cheap War Thunder Golden Eagles right from, where you can enjoy the cheapest price by using the code “MMOCSVIP” for a 3% discount.
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