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Genshin Impact Accounts News & Guides

Genshin Impact 3.2 Version Guide: Release Date, New Characters, and Events We Should Know

Players have experienced Genshin Impact 3.1 version for a long time, and they are waiting for the latest update of the new version. Now, Genshin Impact has announced the news about the update of 3.2 version. There will be a lot of new changes in the latest update of Genshin Impact. If you are interested in the coming update, you can read this article and learn more about it. Players can get Genshin Impact Accounts to build your good team in the game and try to complete more difficult quests for good rewards.
Release Date of Genshin Impact 3.2
Genshin Version 3.2 will be released on November 2, 2022. The date was officially announced in the 3.0 livestream show.
New Characters in Genshin Impact 3.2
The first is Nahida, the Dendro Archon and catalyst user. Nahida's elemental skill can be tapped or held for aiming mode. Holding marks enemies, and when marked enemies are hit with the skill, a massive chained damage effect hits all marked enemies for loads of damage. Nahida's Elemental skill can also grab collectable materials out in the world, which sould make collecting resources much easier.
Then you've got Layla, a four-star Cryo sword user who makes up a major part of this udpate. Layla's elemental skill creates a shield around you active character. This shield generates night stars over time. When you have four stars, they shoot out and hit nearby enemies. Each time a star is created, the shield strength is increased too, making it a great mix of offence and defence.
New Banners in Genshin Impact 3.2
Three characters could be returning in the 3.2 update. Nahida, Yoimiya, and Layla will be on the first phase banners, with Yae Miko and Childe set to return in the second phase banners.
New Events in Genshin Impact 3.2
New events and gameplay also await, including “Fabulous Fungus Frenzy,” a fungus competition in which participants can catch and train Fungi to battle in different challenges. Another event, “Adventurer’s Trials,” has prepared some tricky trials that can be completed with our trial characters, such as knocking Slimes into the Vine Goal by triggering an Overloaded reaction with Yanfei’s and Klee’s attacks. 
In addition, the new Dendro Hypostasis will complete the puzzle of the Hypostasis family, serving as a new open-world boss and a part of the challenge “Hypostatic Symphony.”
Many of these events are reruns, namely Outside the Canvas, Hypostatic Symphony, and Marvelous Merchandise.
Outside the Canvas features an artist from Inazuma who requires some photos as inspiration for her current work, Hypostatic Symphony is a battle event where people can test their ability against the Elemental Genshin Impact bosses, while Marvelous Merchandise involves one of the community’s favorite NPC, Liben. Travelers can expect to hear more about the upcoming region (Fontaine) from the merchant, just as he talks about Inazuma and Sumeru on his previous visits.
New Bosses in Genshin Impact 3.2
There are 2 new bosses in this version update! The Balladeer and the final member of the hypostasis, Dendro Hypostasis! The Balladeer will be a boss with two phases each of which will add new gameplay mechanics to the fight! Stay on your toes and look up, as this boss is really huge. The other boss will be the Dendro Hypostasis! This boss is an open-world boss just like the other hypostases.
You can experience new characters and compete relevant quests in Genshin Impact 3.2. The update of 3.2 version will attract more players to join in the new adventure. And if you want to get the new character quickly in the game, you can Buy Genshin Impact Accounts to make a good team and explore the new dungeons in Genshin Impact 3.2.
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