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For Honor Steel Credits News & Guides

For Honor Marching Fire Is Now Available for Everyone, Delivering Graphical Enhancements, New Modes and New Heroes

   PS4 Games   Xbox One Games   PC Games   Strategy Games   2018-10-20 08:38:02
Marching Fire, the biggest update ever released for For Honor year 3, has now begun rolling out across all platforms. Along with it, come a plethora of new content including a Chinese Wu Lin faction, adding four new Heroes, the strategic 4×4 Breach Mode, Arcade mode and a huge graphical overhaul. You can check out a trailer for the update, below. In this article, we’ll brief you ins and outs of the newest For Honor expansion Marching Fire, especially those new features.

For Honor Marching Fire

Those who already own For Honor can purchase the Marching Fire expansion at $29.99, while there’s now a new For Honor – Marching Fire Edition that also includes the base game for newcomers. You can buy Cheap For Honor Steel Credits at our website: and use the code “MMPCSVIP” for a 3% discount at our website. All players (regardless of version owned) will get access to a castle siege playmode and a slew of graphical improvements, but a new solo/co-op mode and four new Chinese-themed characters remain the domain of people who put down cash.

New Heroes: The Wulin Faction

Four new classes covering the classic Chinese martial arts archetypes comes with the Wulin Faction. the Shaolin is a staff-wielding monk, the Tiandi are armoured swordsmen wielding curved blades, the Jiang Jun fights with a Guandao (a large-bladed polearm), and the Nuxia is an agile assassin type with twin hooked swords. Some fun new ways to stab or be stabbed, and those without the expansion will still bump into players who own these classes.

Arcade mode

Arcade mode is a new solo or two-person online co-op mode where players fight battles and earn rewards that carry over to all multiplayer modes. This mode allows you to explore new heroes and level them up before taking them into PvP.  Players take on a chain of increasingly difficult small challenge missions, with randomly assigned modifiers. Sometimes, you just need to fight while on fire, the breaks. Beginning in November, Arcade mode will feature weekly events and challenges with exclusive rewards. Also, as an added benefit, players who own Arcade mode can play with friends who haven’t yet purchased the mode.

Breach Mode

For competitive play, there’ s Breach Mode, which is free for everyone. A 4v4 mode of attack and defence. The defending team use their castle’s traps to slow or kill attackers to protect the lord of the castle, while the invaders have to smash through gates with a battering ram to kill the lord.


Graphic enhancements

Marching Fire also brings free graphical enhancements to the world of For Honor. what's been improved in graphics mainly includes a major update to global illumination, updated sky and cloud tech, plus new tone mapping and colour grading, too. Besides, user interface has also been upgraded, which allows players to head into matched faster.
In a world, according to Unisoft, Marching Fire is the biggest update ever for For Honor. For Honor is available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The Marching Fire expansion will be available on October 16. Players will be able to buy Marching Fire Heroes individually with in-game currency on October 30.
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