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Evertale Accounts News & Guides

Evertale Beginner Guide for Android & IOS users -

Do you want to capture and evolve monsters? If your answer is yes, then you should try Evertale role-play game. This game is inspired by pocket monster animation. You can find more than 180 types of monsters, from ordinary to the most rare and powerful. To help you walk through this gameplay, we summarize some Evertale Tips, Guide, Cheats here to help you.


COST And Gold
Players can get COST and gold by beating levels and doing missions. Don’t waste too much time on gold missions, as each mission rewards the same amount of gold and not too many XP. In the game, you COST is directly connected to your level, which means the higher you are, the more COST you’ll get. 250 COST is enough for you. To achieve this, you have to beat level 50, which is pretty fast. Once your Magic cap is up to 50, you can beat Hard level. At level 100, you have try EX Hard. While you do the story missions, you’ll gain lots of health and potion, which can be saved and used in EX Hard missions. One EX Hard mission rewards players with around 23000-24000 XP and 75000 gold coins.
Getting Additional Characters
Another reason why you should follow the Story mode quests is that they allow you to obtain additional characters and monsters for your party, these characters will come in useful as they will make it easier for you to grind later in the game. Completing the Story mode quests will also enable you to grab some decent weapons easily.
Participate in events
Be sure to participate in as many events as possible. Like other games of this type, there are special events to complete in Evertale. Often the events are permanent, such as with the training dojo, and you can earn things such as summoning stones and evolution materials. You have other limited-time events, too, which can earn you some of the greatest rewards in the entire game. Even if you’re not good at them, participate and you’ll still earn some type of reward.
Consider Team Members That Blend Well Together
It may be a bit surprising for some RPG enthusiasts to have a full party roster of 8 characters and monsters in Evertale. Though it may take a while for you to gather 8 companions on your journey, and considering no same monster can be in a party at once, just following quest lines can earn you more than what you can simultaneously use in just a matter of minutes. You may be inclined to just mash in whomever you can get your hands on for the first couple of times but as the number as your roster grows, you will have to make the most considering the cost limit while also ensuring that you represent various elements and have coordinated enough skill sets for decent attack combinations for effective kills.
Buy Cheap Evertale Soul Stones
We offer Evertale Account that full of Cheap Evertale Soul Stone. Just select your platform from IOS & Android and choose the amount of soul stone you need, including 25, 125, 450, 1025 soul stone. To start your adventure with our Evertale Soul Stone Account, you can enjoy the cheapest price with safe and fast delivery. And if you are satisfied with our service, please do not forget to introduce our website to your friends.
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