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Champions Online Gold News & Guides

Champions Online Behemoth Main Tank Build PvE

   Champions Online Guide   2018-02-07 08:57:45
Behemoth in Champions Online plays a role of Tank in PvP, but they are not excel in PvE farming works. For single farming they will in low efficiency and takes a lot drugs. How to farm efficiently in Champions Online by solo or in group? Most of games who has suffered from the pain of farming in the game, still cannot get rid of it even when they create a new character and have rich knowledge and experience of the map, mobs, bosses, and quests.

Champions Online Behemoth Build Tank Guide

Behemoth features 19 STR, 5 DEX, 10 CON, 5 INT, 5 EGO, 5 PRE, 8 END, 10 REC when start, in which Constitution, Strength, Recovery are main attributes for them, and also for all Tank build characters like Glacier, Invincible, Master, Mountain and many others in this style. Some Premium archetypes are not available for newbies to start the game, for example, Fist is a DPS Melee class in Champions Online, features higher attributes than Free models like Blade, and Unleashed, although they were all in same role of DPS Melee. You need to recharge to be Silver Member or Gold Member to get those kind of class. That not fair for all gamers, so we provide a chance to buy Cheap Champions Online Gold from online store with Cheapest Price and Instant Delivery.
The only other thing to say is, in addition to these Talents here, you're going to have to choose your Primary Super stat then your Secondary Super stats. I was going to suggest Strength as your Primary, Constitution as a Secondary, then perhaps Intelligence as your other Secondary for energy management and other side-benefits like notching Stealth. Since you returned after 4 years, the game went from having 1 Primary and 1 Secondary to 1 Primary and 2 Secondary. Just so you know, Dexterity got nerf pretty hard about a year or so ago. There are builds that focus on Dexterity to be a dodging tank or a stealthy build, but unless that is specifically what you want, I'd suggest avoiding it.
Once reached lv.11 gamers would have chance to select between skills and Thunderclap. The difference is in their effect for either DPS or tank builds. If you plan to just DPS rank up Room sweeper as it’s excellent for clearing out mobs while dishing out massive damage. There's an another way for you to play like a pro in Champions Online. We not only update most professional Champions Online Guide for our customers, but also Cheapest Champions Online as well. Players will have to choose between Uppercut and Haymaker once they hit level 32. For Uppercut it knocks immovable bosses or characters up into the air. This might be a good skill to have for PvP or if you continually fight bosses.

Champions Online Cheap Gold

Two major role of Behemoth can be played for gamers here: they’re either designed to beat the living snot out of everything in sight as a full-out DPS character or they can be designed to take punishment like a Panzer tank. Depending on your playing style will depend on how the character can be evolved and leveled up in the process. You may need Cheap Champions Online Gold for a further step in PvE and PvP in the game. Do not follow hack tool or guide online or else your account may be banned permanently from the game! Considering that the leveling for many of the archetypes in Champions is very linear it shouldn’t be too hard deciding which skills you’ll need to be an effective tank or damage dealer.
Champions Online Behemoth Guide for PvE and PvP is about to end, but we will continue posting more Guide and Tips for more classes for this funny online game. If you feel not enough for this guide you can provide your more detailed version to us to let other gamers know how you build and fight with your Behemoth online. If you want to upgrade or level up your skills and weapons faster, the best method for you to achieve it will be buying cheap gold from us. All products on our site are for sale now. Hope the guide and store will help you defeat and conquer more powerful gamers easier. 
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