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Eden Eternal Gold News & Guides

Build Guide: Eden Eternal Thief Solo PvP

   Eden Eternal Guide   2018-02-28 08:56:04
Eden Eternal is a free-to-play 3D graphics MMORPG, developed by X-Legend and published by Aeria Games in 2010. Been powered by the Gamebryo engine, the game features better graphics, sound tracks, UI designation and gameplay modes. There are five races and twenty-one classes in the game, can be combined arbitrarily. I think the classes are a little bit too many for gamers to choose, especially for rookies who can’t understand the class only by its name. The classes are divided into six categories: Melee DPS, Ranged DPS, Magic DPS, Defense, Support, and Other. Each account can create several characters but one character can only choose one of those classes for playing.

Eden Eternal Thief PvP Guide

I would not suggest going any other race than that if you plan to build a healer. Because you don't need the other passives, Human is the best healer race in my opinion because of Strategic Retreat and Damage. There's an another way for you to play like a pro in Eden Eternal. We not only update most professional Eden Eternal Guide for our customers, but also Cheap Eden Eternal Gold as well. Halfkins get the easiest stats. Anuran can get the highest heals if they cap the m rate. Zumi is the tank-like against DPS. Ursun might be good too because of that racial skill Harden.
Normally I never put my KP more than 5pts and up to 10pts max when I need another linked KP. This way, I maximize the efficiency of the KP. However, I'm not saying you're wrong and your MA build was like similar to LeTank and he was like PvP in 60s peer at the time. Maybe also structure it a bit for the beginners so they know how to start investing the points. For example during the levels 0s you'd have so and so many points to invest in skills X and Y while in levels 10s you should start investing in Z and T.
Once you spend too much stats points in PvP aspects, you're doing it wrong, you waste too much stats as certs and prevent the use of HP Glyphs if you building too much base stats. Now you can also Earn Free Eden Eternal Gold by join our Affiliate Program. And you can earn an extra income from the best online game currency store. In PvP you have buffs preparations procs which just add too much of stats which becomes useless while you can have a different better setup in terms of certificates and Knowledge points as well as glyphs and forts, example people going for 3k crit, accelerate, evade etc, it is just a waste to do that.

Eden Eternal Walkthrough for Thieft Class

This is a horrible problem when in conjunction with #1. Wherever you travel, you can be sure to have a line of 3-5 monsters behind you at any point. You can’t sit down without risk of being attacked unless you are in a city. Buy Eden Eternal Gold with cheap price and fast transaction from We are the most professional online game currency store. Contact our Online Support service for help if you have any problems during the ordering process. To make matters worse monsters will follow you farther than I have ever seen monsters follow people in any other MMO. They will literally follow you half way across the map, into cities and safe areas. It’s truly ridiculous. Get off me dawn.
So happy we’ve welcomed the 2018 first patch of Eden Eternal so quickly, and so much meaningful contents were shown to us. We are so goad that the Eden Eternal is still full of vigor and population after more than five years publish. If you like this guide please tell us and then we will release more Eden Eternal build guide or PvP guide for you. Now the Eden Eternal Gold is on sale, cheapest price, fastest delivery, best safety are waiting for you here. We always focus on improving the safety of our product not only for this game, but also for all of our hundreds of games. Spring is coming, the Eden Eternal will release some new events for you, let’s prepare for it from now!
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