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Black Desert Online Silver News & Guides

BDO Kunoichi Leveling Strategy & Gameplay Knacks

   Black Desert Online Cash   Black Desert Online Guides   2017-08-24 08:25:48
Black Desert Online is one of the most popular mmorpg in the world, provides ten classes for gamers: Berserker, Kunoichi, Maewa, Musa, Ninja, Ranger, Sorceress, Tamer, Valkyrie, and Warrior. Each of those class possess a set of unique skills tree, combat style, equipment, quests, background story of the class and distinctive battling position.
Dissimilar with most of traditional mmorpg, BDO developer adopt a self-developed game engine. As we know, the game engine majorly decide the game’s framework which can hardly be broke. According to developer Pearl Abyss’ word, “We aspire to create an online game that different from current online market products, which requires two parts’ recreation, the artistic and graphics style. And we’d absorbed lavish developing experience from the last several programs, so we now taking to develop our own game engine.”

Developer of BDO mentioned that: To develop a game, the first thing is to develop its engine. To utilize a versatile and universal game engine will most probably remain issues during the developing process, that always hard to be solved by issuing DLCs or updates when it complete.
Kunoichi may not be a common class in online video games, but if we say, Kunoichi is the female version of the class Ninja, your brain may immediately emerge with Japanese ancient assassin figures, who are expert in assassination and sneak kill. Kunoichi surely has its peculiarities in Black Desert Online.

This class relies on successive quick physical combos to subdue enemies. As an agile-based class, Kunoichi also feature high dodge and critic rate but weak in Health Point. To join a group combat won’t be a wise choice for them, but if you get closed to enemies’ mage or hunter classes. But when you penetrate into enemies field, be careful of traps.
Skuriken Paralysis is one of the most useful PvP skills for Kunoichi in BDO. The spell can slow your enemies’ casting speed even if it never deal real damage to the target. This spell can be used to interrupt target’s brewing actions and slower their combos as well. Maximize this spell when you get high level.

Fox Claw is the most power melee combat skill that takes the responsibility of dealing damages of Kunoichi. Different from Skuriken, Fox Claw is the major output skill of this class, so try to maximize this one as soon as possible.
Assassination Training is a passive skill of Kunoichi, which can lift your damage steeply. So try to manage your skill points for this one once your active spells are enough to use. The Dazzling Blade can dazzle your enemies and increase 10% your attacking speed.
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