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Albion Online Gold News & Guides

Albion Online Healer Build Guide and Gears Recommend

   PC Games   Albion Online Guides   2018-05-29 09:37:02
At the mercy of enemies in PvP is miserable for even rookies, this Albion Online Game Guide was designed for those new players who doesn’t know the basic survival rules in Albion Online PvP mode. We try to provide you the best tips and cheapest Gold at all cost, no matter collect and share you the most useful tricks in PvE and PvE, or the best route to farm in certain maps, and cautions for buying cheap AO Gold from online stores. ASAP we will let you know the difference of gameplay between veteran gamers and amateurs.

Albion Online Expert Warrior's Forge

But something still need you to complete by yourself, isn't any content in the game but I don't feel like I can't come on the game and there is something to do. I do the same limiting chores: farming, gathering, trading, fame farming. Buy Cheap Albion Online Gold with our coupon “MMOCSVIP”. I don't really know what else there is to do. Am I meant to roam around the open world to find content? If I'm meant to generate content does anyone have some suggestions? I don't mind doing the things I listed if they aren't the only things I'm doing.
Sometimes the updates didn’t considered the hardware’s capability and occurred some stuttering frame rate issues, since the Beta patch Brutus. It was never fixed after that. I’m glad to see that you seem to have a low ping and this stuttering because I have around more than three digit number ping and thought it might be connected to that. I’ve already tried everything that is out there including changing the video card. I won’t try anything else to fix this and I’ve given up hope that they will ever fix it.
Beginners are separated in several different starter zones in Albion Online. You never have a chance to choose. My riend and I started at the same time in different zones. You have to repair them and feed them yourselves. A majority of people are way too lazy or can't afford it. For the class we picked it's a totally useless one too. even it's a onetime opportunity to move to a different starter zone, it'd be great. Move to the starter city of your choice speak to someone to settle down there, get warned you can do this only once and even charge a little bit of gold/silver and impose a CD on your island if you wish.

Albion Online Map

We are the best store for Albion Online gamers to play their favorite game more comfortably with our Cheap and Safe Albion Online Gold for sale service. We not only sell gold, but also provide most timely news and guide for the game’s fans for free. When you have difficulties in the game, just ask our online support for help. When you are strolling with your baby’s pram, have you ever remind of your ally is under attack? Go home and help them from now.
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