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World of Warships Gold News & Guides

World of Warships-Royal Navy Legend Belfast Cruiser

   World of Warships Patches   World of Warships Guides   2016-12-27 14:47:50

"World of Warships" new version of the upcoming 5.13 on-line, the new version of the biggest bright spot is the long-awaited British Patrol line finally joined. However, in all British cruisers, players are most concerned about the estimate is the Belfast number. Belfast is not only in history is a very legendary cruiser, the game, she also has many unique advantages.

Belfast in Game

In the "World of Warships" game, Belfast belongs to seven gold coins ship. Blood in the seven cruisers in the second, the main gun caliber 152mm, a range of 15.4km, loading time of 7.5 seconds, compared with the same level of performance cruiser. But Belfast has some characteristics of the same class ships do not have.

First of all, Belfast can use HE bombs against the armor thick battleship, which is the British cruiser can not use the other. Second, she can also be equipped with water to listen to, smoke generator and radar three kinds of consumables, smoke generator to ensure her safe output space, the radar in the face of each other when the destroyer has a considerable advantage.

History of the Royal Navy Legend

Wargaming has also introduced a detailed video about the Belfast, from Belfast's cause of construction, to her service experience, to show you a complete real Belfast.

Belfast is the Edinburgh-class light cruiser ship II, as the Royal Navy in a generation of ships, she not only participated in the destruction of the Shahnhunter's North Point naval battle, destroyed the last fort Shahn. Also participated in the action against the German Tilpits, in this battle, "the lonely queen of the north" suffered heavy losses, had to be in situ repair.

City-class cruisers under construction time there are three different versions, Edinburgh level is one of the third installment, based on the first two batches to further strengthen the armor protection and air defense firepower, hull also larger than other city-class cruisers. As the number one ship Edinburgh sank in World War II, but the No. 2 ship survived Belfast, and continued service to the 1960s. Become a museum in 1971, anchored on the Thames until today, has become an important tourist attraction in London.

Battleship World

"World of Warships" to reproduce the World War II large naval battlefield real world, manipulate the history of the famous warships in the fierce battle of the ocean, this time is really not the same as the new experience.

"World of Warships" is produced by the war game R & D company Wargaming Belarus, the exclusive operation of the air network in mainland China, the world famous war online trilogy of the third. Game history background set in the first half of the 20th century, players will control the different types of warships and the enemy in the vast sea fighting. The future will be associated with tanks, fighters linkage.

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