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The Division 2 News & Guides

The Division 2 Clan System Explained And How To Create Or Join A Clan

   The Division 2 Clan System Guide   Create A Clan   Join A Clan   2019-03-19 08:54:44
Division 2 is out right now for all platforms and players around the world. Compared with previous editions, The Division 2 introduces a new feature, the clan system in the game, which allows you to work towards common goals and earn clan XP with up to 50 accounts with four characters. So, what are clans all about? This guide for The Division 2 covers everything you need to know about the Division 2 Clan system and how to create your own clan or join an existing one? Now let’s cut to the bone.

The Division 2 Clan

The Division 2 Clan System Overview
Clans in The Division 2 are sort of like guilds, in that you can create and manage your own group of Agents. You can also recruit others to join your own exclusive club.
Each Clan will allow up to 50 accounts with up to four characters each. By joining or creating a clan, you’ll get updates and messages from fellow members of the group via the clan feed, along with two voice channels that can support up to 25 members each.
Everything clan members do in-game will net the clan XP, which can then be used to level up the clan. For each level the clan reaches up to level 30, it would unlock and get unnamed “additional benefits” and extra customization options for your clan’s insignia, showcasing your clan’s veterancy.
In addition, you’ll also be able to work together on weekly projects that reward everyone and focus on a specific aspect of the game. Hitting XP goals will also unlock three tiers of rewards: bronze, silver and gold. Reaching bronze unlocks guaranteed rewards, while reaching silver and gold will further improve the week’s rewards.


How To Create A Clan Or Join A Clan?
To unlock the ability of creating or joining a clan, you have to complete one mission, titled Viewpoint Museum at the the White House, which allows you to recruit an NPC named Grace Larson. Once you’ve completed the mission, visit her at the Theater settlement. Speaking to her will unlock the opportunity to join or create a clan for The Division 2. To unlock more characters and high-end weapons at the beginning of the game, you can buy Cheap The Division 2 Credits from where you can enjoy fast delivery and 3% off with a coupon code “MMOCSVIP”.
Once you’ve completed, you can either create an insignia and name for your own clan or you can choose to join an existing clan fitting your own playstyle.
As with joining a clan, when searching for a clan, you will find a clan search filter, allowing you to find clans based on the types of activity you want to play. Here are the filters you can use:a number of options will be available in the game:
Activities: The primary focus of the clan, PvE, PvP or both.
Most Active Times : The time of day the clan is the most active.
Atmosphere: The general atmosphere of the clan. This will indicate whether a particular group is relaxed and easy-going clan, focused on certain aspects, or a highly competitive PvP clan.
Mic Requirement:  If the clan requires a microphone to be able to join.
Language:The primary spoken language of the clan.
Region: The geographical location of the clan members.
That is all you need to know about The Division 2 clan system. For more news and guides on The Division 2, stay tuned to
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