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Spirit Tales Gold News & Guides

Spirit Tales is an Upcoming Whimsical Fantasy MMORPG

   Spirit Tales Gold   Spirit Tales Guides   2017-02-28 11:41:02

Spirit Tales is a free to play, anime-style MMORPG published by KoramGame. Players battle their way across a continent of fierce monsters to take back their homeland, while collecting amazing pets, wearing stylish fashion, and participating in awesome PVP along the way.

To create a character, you first choose one race, Gold Kirin, Maned Dragon or Lunar Fox, and then pick up one class out of the two choices for each race. You can preview the spirit form or rather beast form of your character as well. Then it’s the customization in several aspects which lead to a quite special avatar to start out with. Then you are good to go.

Before the straightforward gameplay, it tells the story that the peaceful world is interrupted by the invasion of the evil which calls for three races to bond together to drive enemies away. Afterwards, you are directed to familiarize yourself with the basics of taking quests, adjusting in-game point of view and moving around with WASD, arrow keys or by click-to-move and so on.

Following the quest line, you learn about important NPCs in the village and the combat. You can set attack on auto pilot when taking on weak enemies, but you certainly have direct control and higher odds to win with manual mode. Place skills on the hotkey bar, switch between them by pressing the corresponding numbers and right click to activate them. Besides, it offers the auto-walking which saves lots of troubles to reach a certain location or NPC. Quests get you level up. You earn one skill point every time you reach a new level. Distribute skill points to enhance those already activated in the lower tier of the skill tree before you can unlock new ones. Before lv. 30, it’s free to re-allot the points.

During quests, if you defeat a monster, the loot will be automatically put on your inventory. Sometimes, you may want to slay certain mobs for their drops which are the needed items for craft weapons. While grinding for xp and items can’t be evaded, it makes up a little that you grind with a direction, for you can first check out monsters’ drops before you start the fight. While you are busy crafting new powerful weapons, don’t forget to upgrade what you have.

You have your first pet in the very beginning. And since lv. 15 you can capture monsters to tame them. Other than the normal monsters, there are also challenging ones roaming around. To kill rare monsters earns you achievement and a title that brings bonus.

Spirit Tales has a colorful world, a wide range of customization options, interesting pet system, crafting setups and in-depth skill tree. So far, it looks on the track. Looking for some fun in casual.

Hope you can get useful information from above at Good luck and enjoy your game time with enough Spirit Tales Gold.

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